1. Is this real? Are you joking? Please tell me your not serious

  2. It’s fine on its own, but after so many people say the same awkward phrase it becomes kind of silly.

  3. Yeah i get that. I liked it better when Wells/thawn said it

  4. Wait if all 3 series? I know amphibia and owl house, what’s the other one?

  5. It’s gravity falls. I consider those 3 to all be connected more than any of the other shows

  6. I feel like this has something to do with beast keeping magic, as we’ve only seen those large curved teeth on the beastkeeping coven head

  7. Bill would win, but belos would beat andrias, and im not sure about the chairman

  8. Its foolish to think that in the entire possibly infinite universe that we are the only life. Choose aliens

  9. I would just model the overall shape you want, then array some planes/thin cubes over the course of the shape, then use a boolean intersection

  10. I like it, but maybe light the truck a little better. My eyes are kind of drawn to the cars just cause they are more visible. Besides that, i really love the whole vibe you’ve created here, and i think it looks really nice

  11. Because the writers forgot to maintain the consistency they had back in seasons1-4

  12. I suppose you could go to sculpt mode, do shift + r to choose a grid size, then crtl + r to apply it. It should work as long as all those pieces are joined to be one object

  13. if they did then they still didnt make the meme in blender, because as you said, they made the meme before importing it into blender

  14. This works with the rules tho. There have been tons of posts where people have an image on a plane cause then it is techinically making a meme in blender

  15. No, it's not. It's clearly against the spirit of the rule. A loophole that completely invalidates the rule clearly should not be tolerated.

  16. So many people have done it. I haven’t noticed, do you comment this on every single meme post like it, or do you just have a grudge against this guy?

  17. lol I figured, but didnt want to sound too rude haha. Geomety nodes is a new way to procedurally manipulate objects in Blender, basically.

  18. I know people aren’t big fans of the gamestop pre-order bonus, but i thought it’d make a nice wall decoration or something so i pre-ordered from there

  19. I think they mean using pbr or “realistic” textures. You can find a ton online, and i believe the original commenter wants you to use them everywhere

  20. Gotta be honest here. I'm not a huge fan of this change. They should've made it an optional change. I prefer his old mask, but love the katana sword

  21. This dude is so good, he can figure out that grass is green

  22. Spyke remembers us?? That’s awesome! Kinda embarrassing that he remembers all the silly stuff little me did in Splatoon 1 tho

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