1. Agreed, but he did a pretty good job in Safe House with Denzel - different from his typical roles.

  2. Voices is another good one where he really gets out of the Van Wilder zone.

  3. This should be the new banner over on Arr/Neoliberal

  4. The guy who played Dr. Avery in Grey's Anatomy.

  5. Reason did a good write right up on it. Matt Taibbi includes insider correspondence by Joel Roth himself. I'm not sure why everyone here is dismissing this as conspiracy theory

  6. Because liberals are not immune to cognitive dissonance.

  7. And then they will proceed to claim they knew all along.

  8. You should try to use sniktraak, just need to build HP, enough defense 3500-3600, and as little crit damage as possible while keeping crit rate high.

  9. Why do you want little crit damage on him?

  10. I was told then a champ that cast ally protection gets hit with a crit strike it uses their own crit damage for said hit.

  11. If you stop giving the bit maple syrup, does it turn on you?

  12. The crazy thing is, they can make profits from them. One of the biggest lies that gets sold to people is that renewables and green energy require some kind of sacrifice, whether it's jobs or economic growth etc.

  13. Your comment history shows you simping for Pfizer.

  14. It's the wrong type of people protesting. Those that have no skin in the game.

  15. Are LGBTQ+ people just going to keep giving business to this guy to make a point.

  16. The judge wouldn’t order the baker to bake a cake if he loses. They would order him to

  17. Always heartwarming to see businesses support a worthwhile movement.

  18. Using fireworks without some kind of license and in highly populated areas

  19. Posting fake news on social media to try and spread your opinion on something. Should honestly be a fine.

  20. Who decides what's fake news. You are hard pressed to find sources free of any bias. There is always something extra or not enough.

  21. I know a ton of christians that do this already. My wife is Catholic and refers to her God as "she".

  22. I don't think it's an Ogre. Ogres have big beady eyes.

  23. Says the woman that fires staffers on a whim and doesn't provide severance pay. Working for Jayapal sounds horrible.

  24. She folds like a wet napkin to the shit libs in Congress.

  25. Maybe Jayapal should stop folding to her neoliberal peers.

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