Gamestop is building a metaverse backed by NFTs and the future of Web3 gaming

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  1. This is an advert for an nft based game Lionsgate put on to advertise their new saw movie.

  2. What addresses go where in the 2 fields that need to be filled in?

  3. Hey man, sorry to bother you on some random old comment, but if you’re still on Reddit, can I ask you some questions about the emulators you minted?

  4. Now calculate that energy per user and see what number you come up with. Better yet, do the math on the per-user energy if ETH was scaled up to as many users as YouTube. The math is unfavorable; Blockchain infrastructure simply does not scale well, for better or for worse. All the innovations since BTC have only slowed the rate at which that problem compounds. They haven't solved it.

  5. This article isn't showing one user's energy consumption. This is the energy consumption of the entire eth network.

  6. You misunderstand me. I'm saying that a service-to-service comparison between YouTube and ETH is wildly inaccurate because the number of users of ETH is dramatically lower.

  7. Look up layer 2. Loopring and polygon both have well-done layer 2s that cut gas fees to cents GameStop marketplace, and imx both use layer 2s.

  8. Or you could just send it to L1 if you have it activated. Cause I thougt layerswap asked 30 LRC to swap it, so sending to L1 could be cheaper.

  9. Isn't crc-20 tokens? I'm not sure you can just send it to layer 1 because gme wallet only supports erc

  10. Hey! Could you provide your bitvavo wallet address? I'll try and see where it went.

  11. There's being correct and there's being right and you somehow missed one

  12. I'm confused. The Gamestops market is in the top 5. loopring got DDoSd, and the whole market went down. You couldn't see your transactions, sell, or buy. The entire market was left useless. This shows how important loopring is to the GameStop marketplace. If a top 5 marketplace couldn't function without loopring, it shows you how vital loopring is. I think people took my comment as if I was being negative. However, it was ultimately the opposite.

  13. It's the kind of thing someone who wanted to break people's faith in the company would highlight unnecessarily while disingenuously saying it was a compliment.

  14. Why am I salty that you found my 3 old month post and started talking shit? Not even accurate shit talk either. I legit just feel sad for you.

  15. I just saw this yesterday and replied. What does it being 3 months old have anything to do with my opinion? Maybe you shouldn't care and move on. Lol I'm honestly surprised at how much my comment has affected you mentally

  16. Send me your wallet I'll send you some lrc to get it activated.

  17. I did all this, got a code from GameStop NFT Twitter, but the code didn't work. They asked for a screenshot of the error. Sent that and it's been radio silence for almost a week.

  18. Message GameStop Twitter around 9:30 am CST. You will get a response.

  19. Let's clarify something. I'm fine I'm just stating that I can understand how people are upset about losing 90% of their investments. I'm not saying coming to the subreddit and shitting all over the sub is the right way to handle your feelings but telling them to get out of crypto is not the way either. Losing money doesn't feel good especially when you think you made this genius crypto move lol.

  20. 30 mins since this was posted, crickets... This sub is shit the people are shit and I hope they get fucking burned after they sell their LRC bags. It's just bitter market top buyers who are struggling with entire global economy pullbacks.

  21. No hate but the people that are upset probably bought at 3.40ish and most likely half of them were trying to average down all the way down and now are sitting on a 90% loss. I understand why people are not happy with LRC. It's hard losing that kinda of money.

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  23. Sent! Please rememeber to check my reddit bio if you want to drop a follow on our socials! <3 Transaction Hash: 0x2cc742595542cfe7a1842217386ad2538408bc1dbad1029382c733d3a2d1d26e

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