1. All I ever wanted was the cheeseburger macaroni but mom would always get the lasagna and overcook the noodles

  2. Girth guy here. Sometimes it hurts and makes you lose your erection. Tried custom-sized condoms recently and it was like night and day. Stayed hard, felt no pain, and even felt like I wasn't wearing one.

  3. This is my issue. Didn't figure out I had a thick boi until I was almost 30. There were a lot of missed opportunities because of condom strangulation.

  4. I have two tickets for Friday and Saturday, four tickets total. Message if interested.

  5. I legit do not understand how money laundering works. Your explanation still did not make it clear to me. I would be a terrible criminal.

  6. You say that but it starts with ramen. One day she'll come home to find him passed out on the couch covered in kraft cheese powder.

  7. I’ve had mine vertical since day one, ps5 completely undamaged.

  8. What's crazy is that this is the third Linkin Park related thing I've seen in just a few minutes and I just happened to listen to almost their entire discography earlier today. I don't regularly listen to them or see stuff about them, so it's a little weird.

  9. I used to work in gatlinburg and a few years back I hiked this trail at night with a couple friends. Got up to the bluffs, drank some peppermint schnapps, my friend puked and pooped, then we got chased by some kind of medium sized critter that we couldn't identify. Other friend almost fell off one of the narrow bridges because schnapps. Eventually made it back alive.

  10. Had you not dropped your sneakers what would the rating be?

  11. My dogs name is Nymeria, but I usually just call her pups, poops, or dog lol.

  12. Same. Get off me and shush. The Two Towers is on and I have priorities.

  13. Yeah sex is good but have you ever drawn swords with Theoden and rode to death and glory?

  14. 1917 was the last movie I saw in theaters before the pandemic hit. With places closing and no end in sight for lockdowns and whatnot, I figured if I never got to see a movie in a theater again I could've done a lot worse than 1917. One of my favorite experiences seeing a movie.

  15. Prickly Thistle offers buy it for life ethical tartan products. I thiiiiiink Sam Heughan is involved in the company, but not in a public/flaunt it way. Even if he isn’t, it looks like great stuff.

  16. I don't know if you have Sam Heughan's new memoir.

  17. I'm putting together a collection of audiobooks on a little keychain thumb drive so she can move them to her phone when she wants to listen to them. I'll add the memoir as well! Sam Heughan narrates it of course so I'm sure she'll enjoy listening to it.

  18. Nah man, I've got poo-brain. I do however think I may be a little more wise than average, but only because I've been told this.

  19. Concerning the coding part. Don't judge yourself too soon! You wouldn't pick up a spoken language in a day would you? What matters is the logical flow which you can always express in plain English and then you work your way by translating that into the coding language. Syntax is secondary to the logical flow.

  20. I'm 35 and have tried to learn several times over the years. Not sure it'll ever stick. It was always something I wanted to learn more for myself than for any kind of career so it's no big missed opportunity.

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