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  1. HF and HM *now*? Oh yes, MM is.

  2. Ummm what? Ford is literally staring in what will probably be a billion dollar film and most likely the biggest box office film of the year. He probably got paid $20 million for it easily.

  3. Your measure is "how much he gets paid" and the oh too typical "probably a billion dollar film"?

  4. Nobody is comparing who the better actor is here, we are comparing who is the bigger star. Matthew has never been as big a star as Ford. He’s never been offered 20 million to star in a film. That’s what I was saying.

  5. nah, so far Hulu is still just all the Fox/FX stuff. they really haven't melded the two together yet

  6. When the last one got a 97% approval rating and made over a billion..why not?

  7. Because the story is done. Woody and Bo Peep go around the world with a carnival now. What else could they possibly do.

  8. Woddys story was “done” two films ago. Yet we got two more than added a lot to it in a good way. That can always continue.

  9. Dude - do you really think you and your small group of friends represent audiences or your age group as a whole? I mean I was 26, 29, and 32 when the prequels came out and we like and enjoy them. Clearly, everybody must have loved them then right?

  10. Are you really going to pretend the prequels were beloved or anywhere close to it? You’ve got to be kidding me. They’re were ripped by critics and audiences alike.

  11. I'm not pretending anything - only that the opinion on the prequels has changed. Granted a lot of people who didn't like them then still don't like them now. However, a lot of people then didn't have a voice on the Internet then - primarily kids although a lot of adults as well percentage-wise. They do now and they say they were not as universally despised as you want to believe they are. Are the beloved - I wouldn't go that far but they are more popular than the Internet bubble would have you believe.

  12. We aren’t talking about the prequels today, we are taking about them upon release.

  13. They lost the vast majority of these in India due to losing streaming rights to live cricket games which is huge there.

  14. Imo it’s bc in ROTJ it was a serious moment, Luke almost turned to the Dark Side and decided he wouldn’t fight his father anymore, bc if he did the Emperor would have won.

  15. It was NOT a comedic moment in TLJ nor was it even intended to be.

  16. Can we get a definition of an "assault weapon"? If I hit you with a toad is it an "assault toad"?

  17. An “assault weapon” refers to a semi-automatic gun designed for military use and quick, efficient killing.

  18. The 1971 movie wasn't that great. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is better. It even got the title right.

  19. Oh my god. This is the worst opinion I’ve seen online in a long time.

  20. Discussion is which is the better film, not better adaptation.

  21. Star Wars Prequels. They are not perfect but they have great music, great lightsaber duels, and great characters. Despite having some bad dialogue and acting, prequels have a good plot.

  22. The politics in the prequels for me was boring and not well written. If anything, Andor showed that star wars politics could be really interesting if written well.

  23. How about let’s not tie stories together, it makes the galaxy feel small

  24. Hope you realize that all the shows in the Mandalorian timeframe are building up to one climactic conclusion. There will be lots of crossover between the shows as we’ve already seen so far. Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew are set during this same timeframe for a reason.

  25. Probably in the series finale of the Mandoverse era shows. I’m a blaze of glory maybe saving Din or other characters.

  26. It's not surreal, they kind of laid the groundwork with Johnny telling him he was alright after he won the tournament and Miyagi saving him from Kreese in the parking lot. I figured they would still butt heads from time to time but there's a mutual respect there that would eventually turn to friendship if they were forced to have to work together.

  27. Another reason Karate Kid 3 sucked. They should have expanded upon this in that film. Instead Johnny was forgotten about.

  28. I think Snoke was given false memories by Palpatine during creation so he thought he was hundreds of years old and had seen a bunch of stuff but I don’t think it was true.

  29. Hoping we get something announced with Gwendoline Christie.

  30. 6 episode live action prequel series based on Phasma would be amazing.

  31. IMAX 3D is by far the best way to see it, hopefully we both get the chance to see it again :)

  32. The critic score still isn't the audience score, nor the approval rating, and no amount of crying is going to change that. Also, several more people (not critics) who don't love the show. That's why the audience score is the way it is.

  33. He probably won’t arrive until the season finale, setting up season 2 which will be the conflict.

  34. We know it exists in the “original karate kid franchise” not a rebooted one.

  35. Air Force One was great, I honestly would vote him for President over our current options.

  36. Love Cruise movies but he’s two decades younger than Ford, dyes his hair and has had Botox done. Big difference.

  37. Tbh dead man’s chest is one of my favorite movies EVER. Def my favorite pirate movie. And at worlds end comes right behind it. The pirate trilogy is goated for me.

  38. How would you compare the pirates trilogy to the first three Indy films?

  39. Not gave up acting, but gave up giving an effort when acting. If you think old, tired, and barely trying Han Solo is better than Adam Driver's performance, then I really cannot continue this discussion with you. I loved the old Star Wars movies and I loved Han Solo there, but in the new movies he is just unnecessary and he doesn't give a shit. Pure nostlagia doesn't cut it. Ford himself said it many times that he doesn't like Han Solo, and the only reason why Lucas put him in liquid carbonite was because he was unsure if he could convince Ford to come back and act in the next movie.

  40. Ford plays the roles as written, seems your upset about how he was written not Fords performance.

  41. No, it's not that. Luke was shat on too, in the new trilogy, but Mark Hamill still gave it his best with the role, which was ruined far more than Han Solo's.

  42. Huh? Luke’s story arc was very well done in the films. One of the best things about them. Hell that was the main part of Lucas’s story treatments that they kept and adapted.

  43. other character's life has been so completely portrayed

  44. It’s a damn shame we didn’t get more Harrison Ford Indiana Jones films in the 90’s.

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