1. I personally disagree, it's not because of the casting or whatever the fuck. It's her origin, she's a walking flesh bot. She can't talk and hasn't been shown to lead. Unless they make her the actual taskmaster (maybe a clone?) then it would work. She seems to be a good actor, but got stuck in a shit movie.

  2. The Doom vibe, you see that motherfucker opposing you, the best you can do is run for the hills.

  3. Read the legend of Hercules! He was the child of Zeus, but he was cursed by Hera to live as a slave, he was hated kings and gods, but he was popular with the common folk. Just because he was powerful, that didn't make him Superman, he struggled in his fights and he was gravely injured on some occasions.

  4. well... maybe we have different versions but in the more general one what happened was that Hera really wanted him to be a slave to shut Zeus up, but he said no, then he killed his family so now he HAD to do the labors.

  5. The early in the movie song “Go the distance” was one of the best Disney songs in the decade it came out in upon release

  6. Wolverine gets destroyed by cyclops (at least the flesh bits, also remember he usually controls it with visor)

  7. which means he doesn't have infinite durability and it's not a heat resistance feat

  8. Yes, but I never said he has infinite durability did I? I just said Logan can't tank Cyclops' beams.

  9. That doesn't make it true. We're battleboarding here, just because an author says their character is unhurtable , that's irrelevant. We use feats.

  10. Okay so because an outlier exists we should accept your NLF as the be all end all despite you having no argument , feats or scaling.

  11. Lmao, you provided zero scans I can cite the exact comic issue and page lol showing Morrison and surfer's feats.

  12. Beatrix Kiddo, she has several safe houses, the god cutting sword (shut up no evidence saying it can be debunked) and has several connections. I'd love to see how any of them can get to Japan and find the random ass tea shop hattori hanzo has, discover the attic where Beatrix can put me in and then manage to deal with the dude who has an entire samurai arsenal in his closet, and then also fight the world's greatest assassin in her universe.

  13. I would indent before "Father" and after "himself." in the middle of the paragraph. (When new dialogue comes it, you need to indent. I would also indent after "pain" and "cosmanium"). A period after "consuming him" would keep the sentence from being a run-on

  14. thank you so much! I'm all about visuals and descriptions but I never bothered with smell, I'll take this to heart!

  15. I was slightly concerned about the casting until the trailer dropped and I dislike 2 and that is:

  16. "Life doesn't have plots and sub plots and denouements, it's just a big collection of loose ends and dangling threads that are never explained"

  17. Imo the first episode would establish Flash's story, showing off how he lost his legs and bonding with the symbiote

  18. Ah but you see in the Dinosaur republic, the primary language is Dinosaurese. While the others are considered official, that is the main one.

  19. I'm pretty sure OP's panel takes place in the Dinocois province, whose population is predominantly New Saurophones. They were allowed to maintain (some would even say "enforce") their traditional language in exchange for agreeing to join the Dinosaur Republic. Most Dinocois businesses and public offices are bi-lingual, but the province heavily promotes a "New Saurian First" policy.

  20. Your right, but the fight was going on all throughout the republic after Gwenastacysaurous was killed.

  21. Rogan is a longtime.bjj black belt as well as did tkd at a.national.level and trains kickboxing

  22. Tarantino stated Booth would kill Lee in a real fight.

  23. It's still stupid. You would think a guy who supposedly can survive every weapon on earth wouldn't have such a weakness. Soldier Boy, who's literally a weaker version of Homelander, tanked machine gun fire down his throat and a stab to his eye to demonstrate that he even his "soft spots" are impenetrable.

  24. weaker? He kicked the shit out of homelander and the only thing Homelander has is flight and lasers

  25. I once considered making a thread with a "Loamhander" who can turn things to loam by touching them, and whether he can figure out a way to get close enough to Homelander to kill him with his dirt touch.

  26. Nah, the only version of Superman who could beat the Chaos Gods is the Thought Robot.

  27. Cap wins. He's literally thrown hands with 90's Thor for strength, by the way. Captain America is at worst, peak marvel human. Here's what some BASE humans do for shits and giggles.

  28. Huh??? Again. Multiply composite by infinity.

  29. can you send some scans showing that SCP can negate a foreign writer in their story? That has been shown to be able to manip other people's stories lmao. Literally all your saying is a bunch of math without sending any feats.

  30. Wait what? Can YOU prove that Grant can do anything to people literally infinite amount of times stronger then them? I'm sorry what.

  31. I want to see scans supporting your bullshit math. Also, what is 'high infinite''? Grant has been shown to be above Buddy who can undraw people as I stated before, Grant can manipulate other people's stories and I would love to see you tell me that there are real SCP's that can prevent Grant from rewriting himself in the story. He casually creates real world locations in limbo and can just make himself above all of SCP.

  32. Nope he doesn't. Again, its your interpretation only.

  33. "And that's how limbo looks from here, wherever here is" while touching the tiny limbo disk.

  34. Which points out to the Limbo's shape and not size unless it was said so which it isn't. Same would be if I went outside and saw the stars, "and that's how the stars look like from here, wherever here is", which I would refer to their shape to my naked eye. I would definitely not say that those stars are so small compared to me just because they look as much, and I would definitely not say that they are lower-dimensional in comparison to myself because of my perception.

  35. Sure but thats just because stars and you are in the same level of reality, the monitor sphere is far above limbo on the DC multiverse map.8

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