1. Unironically this is basically what people were accusing vaush of doing during the PF Black separatist arc. Where people are taking like, four people saying playing the game is transphobic and making out that its some mass movement of angry trans people.

  2. The whole thing reeks of outrage marketing. I'm seeing a lot more people reacting to people supposedly saying you're not allowed to play the game than actual people saying that.

  3. Literally seeing month old accounts that have only posted about the game popping up. Also a lot of 'this will be the downfall of the left' type comments driving I fighting that have no post history to indicate leftist leanings. This shit is clearly not organic engagement

  4. TWGOK ended so abruptly on such a sad note. I spoiled myself on the manga ending and I dislike it but all the same I think I'd rather have been able to watch it play out. Also the ONLY proper harem anime i've ever enjoyed, besides some of the genre fucky ones like oresuki

  5. I swear this entire hogwarts legacy 'leftists bad' arc is a psyop or something.

  6. Just so you know, if your theory was true and GFreviews didn't cultivate a left-wing audience, that makes the situation even worse for the left; because, that would mean hundreds-thousands of online lefties went out of their way to find someone streaming the game solely to accuse them of being a bigot and bully them and their partner out of playing the game.

  7. Hundreds of thousands of online lefties? The vod doesn't even have that many views if you assumed all were leftists being angry, and the live had far fewer. I'm literally right about priming here

  8. This is unreal. The author, Dr. Gorski is a physician. How can his colleagues be against vaccinating their kids? My wife and I are both physicians so subsequently most of our friends are physicians as well. I don’t know any physicians that have not had their kid vaccinated.

  9. Unfortunately doctors aren't usually statisticians. I've seen a few surveys and such that suggest the uptake of evidence based medicine as an approach is surprisingly low, and also that they can often be overconfidently wrong and hard to convince otherwise

  10. I'm questioning if anyone was actually harassing them tbh. From the accounts I've read and the lack of any actual negative chat messages in the clip I'm expecting people got in pissing matches with other chatters or were just stating their belief that supporting the game was bad and it upset her.

  11. Wydi says:

    Question: Do deleted messages in Twitch vods show as "" or not at all?

  12. Its possible, I don't think banned chat messages show up, although it seems the chat replay for vods is generally pretty inconsistent too. There's also like, zero reason users couldn't have been banned by the mods for being annoying rather than agressive, or were banned for transphobia.

  13. It means nothing, it's a sequence of random bases

  14. Any person who has any instance of a Y-chromosome will be forced by Texas to be registered as male, including all cisgender women who happen to have Y-chromosomes.

  15. Broke : not buying hogwarts legacy because its transphobic

  16. I mean, there is a decent lore explanation for it, namely dragonborn are not direct dragon relatives. Dragonborn were created by bahamut, they are not dragon descended - they're more made in the image of dragons with some of their traits. Draconic sorcerers have true dragonblood in the veins either magically or genetically, which is far more powerful. Dragonborn are just guys who look like dragons, Draconic sorcerers are guys who are part dragon

  17. True, but, still, they're covered in tough leathery scales.

  18. As are several other races, from lizardfolk to kobolds. Generally the only tangible difference natural armor will make is if a caster prepares mage armor

  19. The only time I can see this working well is if everyone is playing multiple characters or they're doing a Dr jekyll bit and only ever inhabit one at a time

  20. Industrialisation accounts for economic growth. China isn't communist but you seem like the kind of person who would say that it is, and it's been one of the fastest growing economies - because it industrialised and stopped being a nation of agrarian peasant farmers.

  21. Insulting nazis so hard you make them cry themselves to sleep is praxis

  22. People always try really hard to make out there's some sort of systematic false rape allegations problem going around, when pretty much all actual data suggests it's rare and that real rape is hugely under-reported and under-prosecuted.

  23. Over policing is the problem? Do you know that residents of black neighborhoods want more policing and complain police calls take a long time? Sounds like you have some very deeply racist ideas that come more from some kind of academic social justice theory than real life.

  24. Yeah, and poor republicans support cutting taxes for the rich and welfare that would benefit them. It's pretty racist to assume that people are right just because of the colour of their skin.

  25. You are everything I expect people with your post history to be. I'd throw some sort of insult out, but just existing as yourself is more torturous than anything i could provide.

  26. Foolish missile engineers. They made the tips round, when they should have been pointy. Round tips will simply hit the target and bounce back, disfiguring the operator by spinning their head around 180 degrees and burning their face. The superior pointy tip will stick in the target and detonate.

  27. My understanding of heterochromia is that while it can be the result of hereditary conditions its rarely if ever heritable as a trait in of itself - that it tends to be more a byproduct that isn't consistent

  28. ... The entire point of promoting safer choking is to make sure people aren't doing blood chokes or damaging the trachea. Almost every piece of advice on the topic outside of the full on breath play community (who aren't going to stop either way) basically tells people not to actually choke and to put mild pressure over the front of the neck to simulate the feeling.

  29. Vaush - "The left needs to reach out to young men more effectively, as we don't have a proper answer to the insecurities right wing figures like Andrew tate exploit"

  30. The assumption that businesses are actually informed about doing business is a huge mistake that is constantly played out every time a company makes a big new decision, RE wizards of the coast with the new ogl

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