1. I work EMS in a pretty busy system and have yet to run on a single false alarm generated by an iPhone/Iwatch however we do get a significant number of false alarms from elderly med alarms.

  2. The number of canceled on scene medical alert calls I get are so bad 😂 I have a feeling with all the hiking trails in my area that we will get more iphone false alarms this spring/summer though.

  3. Ooooph, hat trick. That's brutal. My best wishes to your wallet.

  4. To make it even better? I work in EMS, one of the most underpaid careers around 😎 I love my job tho so

  5. Lucky. I make really good money but hate my job, the hobbies def make up for it.

  6. Having a great job & some hobbies (even if they hurt my wallet) is kinda nice. Add in a good relationship and aside from not currently being able to afford to move out of my parents’ house (I’m 24) I’ve got a pretty good life going on.

  7. Have consent, communicate with your partner, fun can be had without penetration…. And roll with the awkwardness.

  8. Roll with the awkwardness is a good one. You’re probably gonna make funny sounds, clink teeth, etc., and it’s way more enjoyable to laugh than to try to act all serious or whatever.

  9. Exactly. It’s not like a romance movie where everything goes smoothly. There’s gonna be some odd noises and stuff, just roll with it.

  10. You want single action or modern? I love my pair of Uberti cattleman revolvers. I have 2 with different barrel lengths and grips as my intro guns for SASS.

  11. Uhhhh an hour and 20 minutes roughly? Though an hour 10 of that was with LUCAS compressions and an ETT. Agonal respirations when we got on scene, every pulse check, and then a bit after the doc called it at the hospital.

  12. I mean I’ve been sexually active for several years now, and have never once gotten a blowjob so…. Yeah I’d be fine with that 😂

  13. I love my p322, but it’s worth noting that the 322 isn’t actually striker fired. It’s internally hammer fired.

  14. I, for one, didn't spot the servos. Like others said, the barrier and traffic cones, besides maybe some slow motion or whatever makes especially the bounce pretty realistic looking.

  15. Actually wouldn’t have smoke. Real steel monster trucks run methanol generally and that doesn’t really have any exhaust smoke.

  16. Right! I forgot about that! Thanks for the correction.

  17. No problem 😂 my 10 year old self’s obsession with monster jam finally was useful for something!

  18. I had an elite SC. It shot well, but I found it too thick for carry. I now carry a shield plus in 30 super carry.

  19. Canik makes good guns at a good price but some of the fit & finish leaves something to be desired, I’m not a huge fan of the stock sights (but I also tend to slap a red dot on anyway), and simple stuff like swapping sides of the magazine release is a huge PITA unlike higher end brands

  20. If it's any consolation, had you actually had them and kept track of them, you'd have probably cashed them in or whatever as soon as it hit being worth around $100. Nobody could have seen the peak coming that far in advance, and you'd have always been thinking "this has got to be it".

  21. I bought $25 worth of Bitcoin when they were like $40 each, held until I realized my btc wallet would buy Arma 3 and all the DLC… at some point last year I realized what I used to buy Arma would have been at that time worth 27,000

  22. It was more like from the IGA to the mini golf on the other end. Those poor people buying groceries with that paper thin bathroom door at IGA. Had a rental that passed by a larger IGA I think on the skirt of town? Pooped in that one too.

  23. The larger IGA is back down in cleveland off of highway 115 heading towards habersham county/demorest. If you ever come back, go to Bigg Daddy’s and get the raspberry jalapeño wings. They’re to die for.

  24. Will do! We went to Helen to watch the solar eclipse too. Usually pass by going up to Maggie Valley.

  25. Also please don’t wreck your car or something, I like trying to nap while I’m on duty 😂

  26. I used to donate as well in college but lets be honest half of the people in there are living on the street and doing drugs. I used to always pray I never needed any plasma or blood...

  27. Any blood product that’s given in hospital or prehospital is very thoroughly tested for safety, including 24/7 up to the second temperature monitoring for the blood products we use prehospital.

  28. Fucking hell I'm currently donating plasma and your comment made me laugh so much the needle moved and they had to take it out and stick my other arm

  29. I wonder if your plasma will end up in my ambulance… (we carry plasma, and soon whole blood too, something fairly new and emerging in the prehospital care scene)

  30. Your concerned about protection while in your home. If you are home, no problem with firearm being in the drawer. What about when you're not home? Big problem with the gun in the drawer, particularly if the bad guys know you have a firearm. When home the gun should be easily and quickly assessable. When not home, locked and secure in a handgun safe bolted to the floor or wall.

  31. Not having a round in the chamber is just asking to get shot. While you’re fiddling under stress to chamber a round, bad guy (who has a round chambered) sees you have a gun, and pops you.

  32. I’m rocking 40gr vmax because it’s what the LGS had, and I want maximum energy dump on an intruder. If I’m not running the vmax it’s because my 350 legend is bedside, in which case it’s 225gr JHP at ~900fps

  33. Since we're being pedantic, it likely doesn't contain gunpowder, but more likely smokeless powder which is a different chemical composition from gunpowder.

  34. Most smokeless “powder” isn’t a powder but flakes or rods or balls, and is classified as a propellant. So this cartridge likely contained a rod type smokeless propellant

  35. Worst fighting stance I've ever seen. Completely open stance, no power is being generated in any of those punches, there's very little wiggle room for balance, and he's basically leaving the entire broadside of his body as a giant target. It's easy to spot somebody non-athletic trying to pretend like they're athletic and this "guy" is at the top of his class in that department. Any twelve year old with a YMCA boxing pedigree and two ham sandwiches worth of muscle would lay this guy out immediately.

  36. Like…. I’m chubby and out of shape but I’m 99% sure I could both take those punches easily, and land a few that are significantly harder

  37. bro thinks 80k a year is enough to make demands

  38. I am set to make 60k this year and I likely won’t be able to move out this year 🥲

  39. Room to work, if his stable enough I’ll need a 12 lead and other meds and that machine takes up a bunch of space

  40. A humoral head IO or EJ INT placed during the code takes care of med access, and placing leads around a LUCAS, especially a paused one, isn’t terrible… I just see leaving the Lucas on as majorly good insurance in the case of another loss of pulses… but also the minimum transport times for my service are >30 min so the likelihood of more happening is greater just because we are with a patient longer than most

  41. Yeah for me sub 10 mins is normal transport time. For the IO or EJ I’m bls so I can’t do those things :c

  42. Not that I’ve ever had a transport that short but I feel like it’d take half of a 10 min transport to fully remove or set up Lucas lol

  43. I started in semi-rural Georgia in 2010. Psych sandwiches were a recognized bad practice, but we still had people abusing ammonia. One (senior) guy would talk about how he'd crack one or two, drop them in a 60 ml syringe, connect that to the nasal cannula and push the plunger. It was a good ol' boy department, so our QA guy knew and it was a case of "you don't do that anymore, right? ; )" I used ammonia, but never like that, especially after I tried it on myself to see what all the fuss was about.

  44. Hey I work in semi-rural Georgia and that sounds like a couple of the crusty old part timers where I work….

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