Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland

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  1. I don’t think you’ve spent a lot of time in Walmart. This is totally plausible

  2. I’m genuinely confused as to why you’re convinced that all Walmart employee are dedicated and above participating in mischief

  3. Anyone of the prisoners. Having them appear just to be so blatantly cannon fodder was lame

  4. When we say "these", here, what's the "these"? Are there floods of "pretending to have had an encounter with a prisoner" stories? Or are we just talking about floods of "dumbass stories presented as text over a photo/video"?

  5. I don't use tiktok... What are these posts actually like? Is it a still photo? is there a context to why they some random 'anecdote' with an expression or whatever that doesn't actually make sense to the story? Why does it seem like it's only girls doing this that make it to this sub? (Obviously they want likes, so the point of this shite is clear)

  6. It’s typically a selfie video with one of 3 sound tracks in the background, while the girl kind of laughs into her hand, or looks into the camera like they’re Jim from the office. The text never moves

  7. Your twisting Andrew's reasoning behind his exit to fit your own biased and completely unreliable narrative.

  8. What about the guy who voices the gun in High on Life? He kinda sounds like Morty

  9. Vought is scum pushing whatever narrative makes them the most $. Also open your eyes. Homelander is a pysopath

  10. Officially, after 6 years they ran out. In reality? With the defeat of the saviours the communities should of had guns coming out of their ears, and should of had enough guns to wipe out the whisperers in minites, which is why we see the new communities armed only with improvised weapons

  11. …nothing would of changed. Either way they end up in the train cart and we get the season 5 premier

  12. Sorry for rambling. To you don’t understand what I’m getting at I’ll try and break it down differently

  13. Same thing with that military base they scavenge in the season 11 premiere. In they find huge amounts of guns, ammo, food and military equipment. Yet after like maybe 50 walkers attack, they kill half and then just leave for good. Then 10 minutes later they’re talking about how desperately they need food and supplies, and go and attack the reapers. Why didn’t they just figure out a way to kill the relatively small amount of walkers in the base. That place was a gold mine

  14. Louis always has had a huge amount of respect for mike in his own way. He treats mike the way he does because that’s who he is. But remember, Louie gave up his reward that he was going to use to spend time with shelia to give mike his job back. Louis reacted the way he did when he found out because he had just been fired for breaking the law but everyone else had been breaking the law for years. Plus the law and his standards are very important to him

  15. I haven't finished twd and I haven't noticed it really. I just got to the part where Eugene and the other 2 ran into the solo crazy lady in the city. Or the part where priest and that other guy had a night of boar and drinking, if that's the latest. Still haven't noticed it.

  16. I think the entire show followed a loose plan from the beginning, and didn’t divert very far from it, with 5 exceptions. 1. Half-Sack was originally planned to have Juices down fall arc, but the actor left the show. This probably wouldn’t of changed all that much of the plot, it just would of had a different character being the Center of the problem. 2. David Hale was also meant to have a larger role, that was going to lead to a love triangle between him, Jax and Tara. This likely woudl of been the source of tension between Jax and Tara, instead of Tara being sent to prison. 3. The arc with Lee Toric was also meant to be longer, but the arc had to be sped up because the actor was offered a large role in Vikings. I think this is why Otto and him died rather suddenly. 4. I don’t think Nero was ever intended to be in the show, but was added late because it was realized that Jax needed someone pulling him in the right direction, and that person couldn’t be Tara anymore. 5. I think Clay was meant to die in season 5, but was kept alive in season 6 because the show runners didn’t want to kill off such a fan favourite. This is why his role in season 6 felt a little dull, because no one knew what to do with the character, but no one wanted to actually get rid of him.

  17. See…it was clearly MEANT to. It was a very effective way of opening the show and starting a well crafted and complex narrative that could drive the show for seasons. However, Sheridan clearly decided that Kirk of show was too hard to make and instead just threw every cowboy stereotype into the show, and throwing the facade of a plot over top

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