1. I watched the first couple of seasons. The Jake character was somebody's boyfriend on 90210 (Jenny Garth's character, Kelly, I think) so Melrose Place was a spinoff even though there wasn't much (if any) crossover that I can recall.

  2. Yeah, Jake was Kelly's boyfriend/fling for a couple of episodes and then some of the 90210 characters briefly visited Melrose Place, and that was the only connection. Melrose is available on Pluto TV (at least in my area).

  3. Unrealistic forced drama and bimbos in bikinis.

  4. Thandie Newton is such a unique beauty, she is gorgeous!

  5. This is the film opinion that always causes the most glares: I don’t think ‘The Matrix’ is that good. The effects are revolutionary and changed the game for Hollywood; they deserve all the credit in the world for that.

  6. I watched the original for the first time a few years ago, I thought it was pretty good tbh, just for the vibes alone. I feel like the score doesn't get enough love.

  7. Rachel McAdams have always been one of my celebrity crushes. She is what I consider super beautiful.

  8. Things You Can Tell and Vanilla Sky are my favorite Diaz performances. She was pretty good in In Her Shoes too, surprised she didn't get a GG nom.

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