1. Dispo Jackson was Gage Jackson as recently as summer 2022 and it wasn’t open in November yet, so it’s opened in the last couple months. Dispo is a bit shady, Jeeter is even shadier. Avoid both.

  2. I went to gauge in Jackson a couple years ago. I haven't been to a dispensary where I thought I might get robbed in the parking lot. And inside left alot to be desired. Not to mention the dry ass bud they sold me. Other than that it's awesome!

  3. I hear Mighty/Crafty are awesome vapes; but also have heard they tend to smell more than others

  4. They don't necessarily smell more. But they do have a longer session which produces more vapor. The quality of the vapor in general is better as well.

  5. This is a great strain no matter what the% is. Hits on all the bases!!!

  6. This has to be the best batch I've had in 2 years. Good terpine numbers. Awesome head and body effects. Tastes like the best jolly rancher ever! Thru the Mighty you get a terp patch on the tounge that lasts and lasts. 5 out of 5 this time! Thanks Buckeye Relief!

  7. Your Mom's a freak, she's a freak... she's super freaky yaawow!

  8. I can't remember anything else that I've purchased from the program that has me this happy.5 outta 5 for sure!

  9. Dude I hope to see this soon I love PC it's still $45 a tenth at harvest

  10. Dispensary listed as shake but on the back of the bag Farkas calls it remnants. More suits what you get. Jmo. 🔥 For Sure!

  11. Sweet price! I thought it leaned towards the sativa side. But that's just me.

  12. Thank you I appreciate it I am enjoying it! I know exactly what you mean it's the correct lineage but it's missing that heavy expansion and when you blow it out that little bit of eye shrinkage you get from that old school. It's close but it's not quite the same it is very tasty. If they were able to get a cutting of it I would be incredible! I'd love to see the pictures of the old stuff I really wish they would get some of that Mel Frank skunk number one. Our flower is definitely lacking in something that the Cali bud is not. I really think it's the cure process everybody's in such a hurry to get their stuff out the door here 5 weeks after harvest is too soon to be selling cannabis I'd love for all of the companies to put a cure on their flower.

  13. I think most of the flowers are cured ok... They just need to give another 2/3 weeks before they get the kick and lasting effects we are looking for!

  14. Lakewood is pretty close to herb capital with the 2 RiSEs not even 10 mins from each other.

  15. Gonna start calling Gahanna the herb capital of Ohio now lol

  16. I just need to verify, how sure are you that this picture was taken in 1943? Do you know when in 1943?

  17. It was written on the back of the photo. No other info. Sorry.

  18. With your permission, I’d like to crosspost this on the

  19. "They" can't tell you accurately...It just depends on how you receive it. Some will get one side of the hybrid and some the other... Mother Nature go figure...

  20. I’m sure most people don’t know that. I’m an American and it absolutely wasn’t clear to me, in such a grainy photo where over half the uniform is obscured and the photo was taken from a distance.

  21. This is a picture taken of a photo that's about 2x2 inches. Grainy because my phone didn't want to focus. He looks to be about 8 feet away from the camera.

  22. Believe it or not I still have "the immigrant song"45 I got as that "young kid" lol...

  23. You look like a little door to door, insurance salesman.

  24. My briefcase was filled with MAD & CRACKED magazines!!!!! I'm still that kinda kid....

  25. I use the orange one S&B supplies and when it gets gunked up every 6months or so I buy a new one from S&B for like $8! 👍

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