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  1. Ah bro I'm 7 years clean, licensed in my jobs work, married, proud stepdad, perfect dog and just had my first kid in December. Life is good my friend.

  2. On a budget then get the IKEA Markus. I am a big guy and quite often do 10 hour shifts in this. I also add a padded chair cushion. Have 2 at home as well.

  3. +1 on the IKEA Markus, exceptionally good quality for the money, am also a reasonably sized gent and sit in this thing for hours on end.

  4. Somewhere on the internet there's a photo of you and a spider posting that it woke up to a human staring at it

  5. Oh, bogans are a renewable resource. Even though first world nations are declining, bogans will still scurry out from the radioactive waste and rip a massive burnout, whilst repeating whatever headline they last read, like it was their own opinion

  6. I only use mine to warn tourists of the 12 ft long aquatic cockroaches that live in Sydney harbour

  7. Friends filming friends assaulting friends

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