Twitter suspends Jordan Peterson's account after comments about Elliot Page

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  1. Maybe a formex essence? Cosc certified, cool, and (if you want) fairly colorful, also dirt cheap compared to the rest of your collection

  2. It's more subtle than that. If you're asked "Do you want a neurodivergent child?" and your answer is "No", you are already promoting eugenics.

  3. I have ADD, if i the choice not to pass it on I'd take it every single day.

  4. God stærk chili sauce plus en almindelig Heinz ketchup, bland op med en spiseske. Done

  5. siden justeat, hungry, og wolt skamferede pizzastedernes profit margin med deres heftige serviceomkostninger.

  6. Honestly, mvp could go to either of them, they're just bonkers all around

  7. Of all the countries I thought to see in a “shooter goes mad in …” Denmark is not in my top 100.

  8. Mental health services in denmark are SEVERILY underfunded. Not as bad as the US of course, but it's still quite bad.

  9. If you don't use the rolex you should probably just sell it while the market is hot. That could easily finance a grand seiko diver.

  10. Hey tak for fiffet. Jeg er meget tæt på at købe Dali Oberon 5 - hvordan passer den til?

  11. Medmindre du skal spille helt op i høreskade territorie burde det gå helt fint.

  12. Fedt nok - skal heldigvis ikke spille for højt med naboer. Min stue er værtfald 20-30 kvm. Hvor mit anlæg står i det ene hjørne af rummet.

  13. Det lyder ikke helt dumt. Ærligt ville jeg bare nappe dem du synes lyder bedst. Forstærkeren er mindre vigtig end de fleste tror. Især når man allerede har en ganske god forstærker som dig.

  14. Even under the standard consent, face hits are beyond what would normally be acceptable.

  15. Yup. Mosh pits are for pushing with arms and shoulders. Punching is a huuuuuuge no no unless you're at a hardcore show. And even then you make sure not to actually hit people.

  16. Yeah but you’re very unlikely to succeed in securing more than that, if anything at all, in a civil claim against an airline for being delayed

  17. Depends where you're from, in the EU you're gonna win as long a you actually file the complaint and you're late enough

  18. That does ease my mind. And out of curiosity if you do have the kamasu, how often do you see the need to re-set the time to match the current time? 2 weeks? one month?

  19. I have an orient kano which have the same movement in it (keeps same time) and I haven't set mine in about 2 weeks. I'm currently 10 seconds ahead of ideal time.

  20. I mean, have you heard beethovens ninth (ode to joy) it's pretty beautiful and poetic. Granted, the music does a lot of heavy lifting, but the text itself us stunning.

  21. I haven't encountered any of this hate for Fossil. I thought it was one of the brands that are considered decent. To my South Asian eye, Fossil is in the same space as Timex ('heritage' notwithstanding). They make some decent watches at reasonable prices IMO.

  22. Fossil has skimmed majorly on quality in the last few years to the point that you find better QC and build quality on dirt cheap timexes. Misaligned markers and dust in the the dial is not at all uncommon. That's where the hate come from. They're a lousy value proposition, even for the fashion category.

  23. I've been wanting the red XL for quite a while, but never got around to actually getting it, until about a week ago when I spotted it for a ridiculously good price at a webshop, decided, fuck it, might as well and pulled the trigger.

  24. I feel like Riesling is a great choice, like you mentioned. Not sure what to offer for red, maybe something like the pessimist?

  25. NRG now need top 3 to have a chance for the Major. If Envy win one more series, they'll need top 2 👀

  26. Goku can’t copy techniques with a look, he can make a pseudo version of it at most, he isn’t as skilled as bang or garou. Garou (not sure about bang) can detriment master UI, with a glance, since it’s a technique, he can copy any and all techniques from a glance… stop being a goku tard.

  27. UI is the sort of technique garou could never copy. It requires a tranquil mind which Garou DEFINITELY does not posses.

  28. I tried a sour for the first time this year and I feel like I've been missing out on them for 25 years.

  29. Oh man, you're in for some wonderful stuff, especially if you give some of the other sour styles a try. Flemmish red ales and lambic are what happiness is made of.

  30. I was offered a Lambic when I was in Brussels for business a few years ago and I had no idea what it was so I turned it down, now I feel bad.

  31. Well, you should be able to find it somewhere. I'd recommend going with an Oude Kriek (cherry) or Oude Framboise (raspberry) at first. The fruitless version oude gauze can be pretty iffy if you aren't used to the "funkiness"

  32. She doesn't. She's a transphope through and that uses packs vile things with reasonable arguments to make the vile shit seem more reasonable

  33. Wait a this like a tv sequel to the vampire comedy film he made years ago or something?

  34. His mental health provides a reason for his behaviors, but not an excuse. He should get the help he needs, but his teammates are not obligated to shoulder that burden for him.

  35. When you're 16 years old it kinda is an excuse to be honest, especially when you don't have a proper support network, which a kid emancipated at 15 DEFINITELY doesn't have. I do agree that it isn't his teams job to provide it, but blaming him in any way for this is misguided.

  36. You're right. You don't control your brain, your brain controls you. He definitely deserves more familial support than he's getting. The team's psychologist can only do so much. That being said, his teammates are people too. They don't deserve his abuse, and they are completely justified in removing him from the team.

  37. Oh absolutely. It's not their job to fix him, but blaming his also not right. Kid has had it rough enough. No need to add fuel to the fire.

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