1. I haven’t heard that he wrote it in one night. Wow. Do you have any source for that? Not that I don’t believe you I just love reading about his process and life.

  2. I don’t know why but this is one of my all-time favorite episodes

  3. I’ve been self learning guitar since March. Regardless of what anyone says, it’s 100% possible. You just need to stay patient and utilize free online resources to help you as well!

  4. Base Hellebuyck has been insane for me since day 1… never considered changing

  5. No I don't. If that's the case that's ridiculous. I also hear they have ways to obtain really good cards fairly easily. Nhl kinda does this year but did a is apparently way better for it. So if that's the case you could run the free cards and save for them and be able to use them a few months into the game. Fuck nhl we have timers on the sets to be able to TRY to get them, they also cost an arm and a leg.

  6. Ya Fifa is terrible with the icon system. To make matters worse, in Fifa the only way to use these icons is by obtaining them in ultimate team (which is almost impossible if you want their best “prime” player item). Fifa does not let you play with icons in play now. At least NHL lets you do that if people aren’t into hut

  7. 8/10 really enjoy this song. The vibe is phenomenal!

  8. I’ve seen every episode like 500 times. Yet I still love them so much. That’s what makes this show great

  9. 3.5/10 I’m simply not a fan of either version of this song

  10. So funny and original bro… keep sleeping on the women cards some of them are actually nasty

  11. fuck that, I am not flipping my stance, didnt want them in the game to begin with, and not going to use one ever.

  12. Bro I personally can’t stand “woke” shit. I don’t view the women cards as woke though

  13. My favorite song of all time is Til Kingdom Come! It seems to be liked but not to the extent that I like it:)

  14. I'm 53, been gaming my whole life. Your statement that youngers need to help the olders with "games like this" is frankly insulting and naive. I'm glad you helped out a person that was struggling, but age is irrelevant.

  15. Just because you have been gaming all your life does not mean other people have as well.

  16. 10/10. The Colorado symphony version 100/10. The most beautiful song ever written in my eyes.

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