1. We should start bike taxis in Thane but Rickshaw unions will not allow it. Still Thane has better Rickshaw system than Mumbai.

  2. Bike rides services like rapido also probably on ola uber were so convenient, I used once in pune. Quite cheap and faster. Such a shame

  3. Irony is protests done by Rickshaw mafias in Pune forced Rapido to pause bike taxi services in MH. Where as Goa has bike taxis for more than 20 years. Really such a shame

  4. Why those who don't know will be canny. His face itself tells something is fishy.

  5. This also happens in Hindus. Just visit south or MH.

  6. Females cannot store. Hence they were pads (diapers). Common sense.

  7. It seems the portuguese former colonies (or the majority of it) have already decriminalized it... Which is interesting since I always saw Portugal as the most conservative country between the ones which colonized Africa.

  8. Most of India was colonized by British except for Goa which was Portuguese territory. And today Goa is considered most progressive State. Don't know about Portugal main land but maybe they were progressive in their colonies.

  9. Part of why Goa is more progressive in some ways is because they have a large local Christian population that has been historically more economically dominant (in large part converted under the Portuguese inquisition) and which was more amenable to Westernisation and secularisation than to Hindu nationalism. Goa was 80% Catholic in the early 20th century, compared to only 25% now and majority Hindu - but the Hindus who moved there are largely the more secular ones who have moved there since it was ‘absorbed’ into India in 1961, attracted by the society and economy already there. And much of Goa - like Macau - has become something like the Las Vegas of India, with a drinking age of 18 far below the typical 25, partly because Catholicism is more tolerant of alcohol and Goa early provided an escape for kids from Bombay/Mumbai and other big cities in Maharashtra - a state dominated by Hindu nationalists. Similarly, (formerly Portuguese) Daman and Diu are an escape for kids from completely dry Gujarat who want to party, and that has grown the ‘less conservative’ parts of the economy.

  10. Goa is not Hindu majority cos ppl moved there. Christians from Goa left and went to Portugal. Plus I think Goa being more peaceful cos of very less Muslim population. Literally almost all states have second majority Muslim population which is not true for Goa. No hate to Islam though, only hate to extremist of all religion. U should all so not forget Daman and Diu r 98% Hindu and still r as good as Goa.

  11. I dropped my phone on Saturday from my pocket while riding scooter. Somebody found it and did something to it(probably sold to chor bazaar). I tried my best to find it. Even went to police(though I knew it was useless). This message I am typing from my grandfather's phone.

  12. It sounds like a facebook sketch video. 'Ladki ko aukad dikhadi😱😱🥶🥵'

  13. your AvERaGe KArnATAka sTuDeNt SHOULD learn hindi unless they are planning on staying in this and only this state for their entire life.

  14. I am not talking about shudha hindi. Proper hindi means understandable hindi. Haryanvi, rajasthani and even slag of Mumbai is proper hindi. But considering whole different language as a dialect that's fishy.

  15. मग इतर भाषा वापरू शकतो.

  16. ते तो संवाद करणाऱ्या व्यक्तिंवर अवलंबून आहे.

  17. मी इंग्रजीचा वापर केला असता कारण मी शक्य तितक्या कमी हिंदी वापरण्याचा प्रयत्न करत आहे

  18. No hence they wear pads to pee instantly. As they cannot store like us.

  19. Yep that's the reason women don't pee (ever seen a urinal in a girls' toilet?)

  20. They pee but cannot store. Hence they wear pad(female adult diaper).

  21. But in English it's Poland right. Polaska is native name. Even my country has native name.

  22. How was it? What dishes did you try? If good, I'll give it a shot too

  23. UN seat of Afghanistan is not controlled by Taliban. It represent government in exile.

  24. Hindutva aren’t secularist neither is the concept of Arkand Bharat. It’s a joke to a joke.

  25. I also consider the concept dumb but Akhand Bharat just means united south Asia. The hindutva one is Hindu Rashtra.

  26. Meanwhile Chad maharashtrian looking at lizards on the walls instead.....

  27. It's shameful that those 4 r*ped it. But I assure we take consent from the lizard before introducing our snake to her.

  28. It's endearing to see we are an oasis of blue in a desert of yellows and greens.

  29. In some parts of the coueven older generation is accepting it. The problem is with older generation of politicians.

  30. Big thing is some hindu texts give us knowledge about homosexuality and also tell us that it's natural. Khajurao temple literally has gay sculptures.

  31. I give them antim sanskar by burning them.

  32. Odomos nahi pehena toh ghar pe rehena.😃👍

  33. Yeah, that doesn't work. My friend lives on the 31st floor in Rustomjee and not only mosquitoes but even rats are successfully reaching his floor lol

  34. What is r(c)ocky bhai doin' with puspa's wife 😳 Doesn't he fear allo sarr??

  35. She ij born in Karnataka. R(c)ocky bhai probably know her. 😄😄😁🤩😍😘

  36. West speak Marathi instead 😂😂😂🤣🥰

  37. Tuzya aaichi gand aai ghalya 🤑🤑🥵🥵🥴🥶🍑🍑

  38. Cake divaschya hardik shubeksha 😃😃😃😍😛😘🥳🥳


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