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  1. It's always 4:20 somewhere ! And love it too ;)

  2. I don't see your collages in my feed enough

  3. Maybe following me can help... "Suppression... Suppression everywhere !" ^ ^

  4. Ah yes the "30$ into parabolic" bs pulled by s3 partner ceo bob sloan... I member

  5. Seems like institutions buying is an indication the business is doing well

  6. Let's just fuck around and find out

  7. It's an avatar he used 84 years ago

  8. Supposed to say "Chairman", but not 100% sure about the translation (I don't speak chinese ^^)

  9. Hype (and no "art" flair anymore...)

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA (thx, you had me double check the guy's name ^^)

  11. The short version is that only chinese people can own stocks of chinese companies. It was already a much discussed topic before superstonk during the rise of a chinese electric car company that shall not be named this time.

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