1. If you’re a big water drinker, try the dissolve powder from butterfly effect in a glass before bed.

  2. Actually just picked some of this up a week ago! My goto is usually their honey and Im still trying to get the dissolve powder dialed in. I took it sublingually the first time and had noticable effects, but nowhere near like I do with a typical edible. Have you tried mixing the powder with food like at dinner? If so, were the effects different?

  3. Have you tried vaping at lower temperatures? Is water adapter an option?

  4. Yep. I generally stay in the 358-378 range which also seems to help. When I crank it up to 390+, I generally have that feeling start to creep up.

  5. You are a true dude. Also, holy shit that Samswquanch strain cracked me up! All I could thinl about was Bubbles saying it! 🤣

  6. and thats ok. You do you bro and have an awesome fuckin day!

  7. Tried Sundae Driver and Tally Mon for the first time because of this sale. Really enjoyed the Sundae Driver. Its the perfect strain to just feel perfect. Not too mellow not to on the go. Right in the middle for me. Tally Mon was also great, as was the nose on it (whole flower and ground). Effects for Tally Mon were big old headband for me that then settled into a buzz in my legs and feet! Great stuff!

  8. My favorite are the folks who put the Biden 'I Did That!' stickers all over the gas pumps. These mental giants apparently did not think about how this could backfire on them once gas prices started dropping.

  9. Resin. Try using the dosing caps. My oven looks as clean as it did the day I bought it due to using them.

  10. I kept staring at this and was like, Man, some dude put a rocket pack on Pizza Steve.

  11. Odd question. I picked up a 2.83 of Cherry Dosidos yesterday. Got home and opened the bag from the Botanist only to discover that the safety seal that connects to the cap was broken all around on the bottle. Just curious, was the lid on yours secured to the little white seal band?

  12. Hey there, I've had this same issue. I asked on this subreddit and people said it just happens sometimes. Nothing wrong with it. I also had Cherry Dosidos.

  13. I checked out your post and just realized my container didnt even have that foam/plastic seal on the inside. This is now even more odd to me.

  14. I finally conquered this bitch of a beast and it was hard as fuck. 2 things helped me. The first was that I have acid reflux and eating at night was absolutely starting to get worse as I ate a metric fuckton of all manner of shit, and then laid down to go to sleep 20 minutes after. Secondly, and what had actually been working for me before the reflux started getting bad, was A GI-FUCKIN-NORMOUS glass of water I took to bed with me. I would imbibe, and then immediately fill my cup up, walk up to bed and cover myself up. I would start to watch something or read, and anytime my little fuckin brain would send out the hunger radar swoops, drink of water and then I would THINK of what the water in the glass looked like. It filled my stomach and made my brain believe this clear tasteless liquid was actually satiating (word?!) my entire existence and keeping actual delicious looking food out of my brain. I just kept at it and eventually it worked and I sleep like a fuckin naked molerat in a coma now. I stopped eating and lost like, ehhhh, 20 pounds. In 3 months.

  15. The family that rips together, sticks together. Thats pretty awesome 🤙🤙🤙

  16. Tied for my favorite in the program with Lemon Dosidos.

  17. They will lie to you saying your order is bagged and ready, have you wait over 2 hours and when you get in the backroom to get your stuff they tell you they bag everything as people come in. Never give these fucking morons your money and encourage others to never give them money. Is over 2 hours and common sense worth saving 20-50 bucks??

  18. Not too mention the fact that they never brought back curbside. Terrible location and slow as all get out.

  19. So hard to choose between Jealousy or Lemon Dosidos...

  20. Did not care for the blueberry. Tasted way too artificial to me. 🤷

  21. I wanted to like pods, but what it came down to for me was the fact that I cant change/control temp on lusters. I like that I have that option with carts, especially now that companies like Klutch are putting out more live resin strains in 510s. Try both and see which you enjoy more!

  22. Thank you for your input! I’m going to give pods a try. I’m new to the program and still learning! I appreciate you (:

  23. Right on. Best of luck as you start out, and enjoy!

  24. Really appreciate everyones input and sharing your experiences! Thank you!

  25. Just looked at the Botanist's sight and it appears as though Carene is one of the top 3 terps.

  26. Not the asshole. Funny how people like your cousin that always like to make others eat shit sammiches find out they actually hate the taste themselves.

  27. How is it that Republicans are the only ones who ever happen to nobly 'stumble' on completely fucked up things, but 100% of the time when they are guilty as shit (Gym Jordan) they just explain it away or forget...?

  28. I love Clippers! The designs are always 🔥 and they just work really well.

  29. I like it for when I need to get rid of the brain fog in the morning, but not be in anxious mode.

  30. Wish I could partake now to ease some of the symptoms of covid. This stuff absolutely sucks man.

  31. I couldn’t partake with anything both times that I had Covid. That was before the vaccine though, so when I had it, it was really bad. I hope you feel better soon. I even had breathing problems for months after I got over it

  32. I appreciate it friend. We are double vaxxed and boosted but rode in a car with a friend for 4 hours who unknowingly had it. 😑

  33. I can smell these beautiful nugs through my screen...

  34. Wish they had the LR in Jealousy. My favorite strain recently and the 510 version of it is AMAZING.

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