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  1. Yes. I would skip waters lame “farewell politics tour” even though I didn’t. Don’t miss Mason it’s the best “Floyd” going on right now 🤘

  2. Like his politics or not. Rogers show was still amazing and a masterpiece in its own way

  3. Sorry man. Disagree. I’ve seen him like 9 times over the years (including him showing up in NYC at our mason show) and this show bored me. Politics aside the song list didn’t do it for me. I went because it’s gonna be his last tour. The Wall and Us and Then shows from years past were WAY better. Maybe a lip syncing old guy doesn’t do it for any longer. Honestly I enjoy some of the Floyd cover bands over this Waters show.

  4. The 2 series is arguably the most important enthusiast M of the modern era. It’s existence itself is an homage to the E36/E46 iteration of BMW where they were lightweight and tossable in the corners.

  5. Except it’s not lightweight at all. Same weight pretty much as it’s siblings 🤷‍♂️

  6. Plenty of opinions. My surgeon (NY Jets physician at the time) told me to trust the surgery and that my ACL was stronger then ever post op. Are you saying we should all be preemptively wearing knee braces while skiing??

  7. Breck for the cool ski town but if you can skip Colorado (I usually do/ I70 sucks, altitude etc etc…) go to park city.

  8. I kept saying I gotta see him before he’s gone. Saw him the last tour at Forest Hills. Totally sucks he’s gone.

  9. OP bought it in the parking lot. This has been happening since Rock concerts started selling merch. Enjoy the memories of a so so “Floyd” show.

  10. Lol getting downvoted for having comprehension of the English language.

  11. Welcome to reddit. The online place for getting downvoted for truth 🤦‍♂️

  12. The genie is out of the bottle. It’s here forever. The end!

  13. Looks like it may be to bulky and heavy with that piece in middle and with how many folds it has. And that black know on the bottom

  14. I’m a fan but different strokes as they say. It’s small but I can still carry 10+ cards and some cash.

  15. Wow. I went to a local record store for a midnight release event for this album

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