1. If you are 10 min from Nassau University Med center, lower your expectations on what type of house and neighborhood you’ll get.

  2. Yeah. That was my first thought. I would open up the commute OP

  3. Garbage movie with some Blue Schlong thrown in. Told my buddies it was trash they didn’t listen at the time then reported back I was spot on.

  4. He just got me a $5 refund. Guess it’s better then nothing

  5. “You’re going In the wrong direction. You’re going to kill someone”

  6. Sweet. My buddy just picked one up in sockeye salmon and I grabbed a Gen 5 Nomad in Oxblood

  7. The vail of the east without the good terrain. Plenty of fur coat wearing Magoos from NYC and Boston if that’s your thing. Definitely not mine!

  8. Such a nice paint. If they had the new one with Oxblood I would of got it for sure

  9. I was gonna get the V6 mullet but got a good deal on the V5 S build so I went for it.

  10. Just got back from Whistler and skied on my Stockli Stormrider 88s the entire time.

  11. I’m so upset I missed the European delivery option. That would’ve been a great time. You’ll have a blast but I’m sure that won’t be cheap. How do you select to pick up in Germany if you’re in the states?

  12. You don’t. Not anymore. Military sales is the only way for an American

  13. Probably, but would never buy another Thule rack, especially for that much.

  14. No one minor paint chip at least that what it looks like and said

  15. Either it’s a scam or the seller doesn’t know what’s he’s got. 2018 Tallboys have different rear Geometry. I think they switched to the VPP in 2019 or 2020 for the Tallboy. The Pic has the VPP 🤷‍♂️. Ask a bunch more questions OP. Good Luck

  16. It makes a lot of $200K SUVs laugh that’s it’s “competing” with

  17. Really rough question. I'd probably say Rock and Roll because it's the most "basic" song on the album, all the others are very unique. Don't get me wrong I still love Rock and Roll.

  18. Yup. I was gonna say Rock and Roll also but I still love it.

  19. Like others have said. It's all practice.

  20. Sweet I’m BW 13 as well. Just went 150 status today!

  21. For the same reason John Paul Jones wasn't invited on the Page and Plant tours. Plant knew that it would be Led Zeppelin in all but billing. The fact that by the second tour it was for all intents and purposes a Led Zeppelin show, which caused Plant to bring it to a sudden stop.

  22. I saw page and plant in I think 95 on the no quarter tour. There was a second tour? Don’t remember that.

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