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  1. Ok so did anyone else read Jennette McCurdy’s book? She talks about how she hates the way her grandmother touches her because it feels “sensual”. Like not privates touching but the way she rubs her back and hair…reminds me of that

  2. I can’t stress enough what a good eye opening book it is. I’ve listened to the audiobook 4 times now and about to listen to it again. Jennette McCurdy has a way of verbalizing emotions that is brilliant. I’m so happy she struck a new book deal.

  3. i don’t know her or anything about carly 101, but i randomly bought it at a warehouse store and have read the first 20 pages 😂

  4. When my kids were younger I’d watch iCarly with them on occasion. The book talks about behind the scenes of the show a little bit.

  5. I've built stages for wireless Festival and regretfully attended twice, and every time I've been there huge amounts of people have jumped the barriers or rushed the gates. Having travis as a headliner is throwing petrol on a fire.

  6. I don't understand the high chair and low chair situation that they had in this retreat. Why not make them all high? It's weird seeing different levels when there's an audience facing them.

  7. They didn’t rent an actual event center which would’ve had ample amount of chairs for each paying customer. Instead, they hunkered down into the main room of the cabin and a lot of paying customers sat on the floor. They had to make do with all the kitchen stools, kitchen chairs, couch seats, etc to sit on.

  8. Ass clappin for Christ! ( I feel icky saying that but Brat is icky so it fits)

  9. I LOVE Les Deux you remember. I listened to all the GND episodes then jumped around to her other episodes. She is funny and very entertaining.

  10. It’s definitely weird. I know a couple people who did it because they were maybe like baptized as kids because their parents wanted them to. And maybe later in life they wanted to choose it for themselves. But generally if you are committed enough to the religion to pay money for a retreat, then you are already baptized by an actual minister. So having a Fitness-Turned-Jesus Influencer give you a second dunk in a rental house bathtub is fucking bizarre. Also, there’s the bit the Bible said about practicing your righteousness in front of other people in order to be seen by them. (It said it’s not good. Lol)

  11. May I PLEASE have “Fitness-Turned-Jesus-Influencer violated me in a horse trough” as my flair? I need an update since they refuse to show GFM receipts

  12. I’ve wondered this as well. Imagine thinking you’re going to some fun girls weekend and end up sitting on the floor getting lectured to about godly marriages and modesty. Boring!

  13. I very much appreciate your write up. I was raised Catholic. Catholicism is very strict about who can perform the rituals (if that’s the right word, I’m no longer Catholic). The very first time I saw her perform a baptism I about jumped through my phone screen to smack her. I still find it creepy and cult-ish.

  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11672393/Alec-Baldwin-wife-Hilaria-pictured-Manhattan-charged-manslaughter.html

  15. She can’t get them off. They are basically superglued to her by her nasty snatch funk.

  16. OMG I’m cracking up. This whole chick’s grift is she has a Spanish background but doesn’t speak fluent Spanish? Girl at least hop on chili go or something. It just keeps getting better.

  17. What was Hillary’s caption on the original post? This is so stupid. Obviously she isn’t driving because her pedal foot is behind her ear so she can smell her own ass. Good job OP!!

  18. Just read an article in my local paper that said “billions in US pandemic claims flagged as potentially fraudulent.”

  19. There were so many small businesses around me that kept taking out PPP loans. Yes, some companies definitely needed the payroll assistance. Yet some of these owners started taking vacations, new vehicles, etc. My company never applied for any because it felt wrong to take free money from the government. I don’t understand how Brat thought it would be totally legit to get a PPP loan on a company no longer in business. Also, which came first - the PPP loan or the lawsuit with the Texas AG?

  20. Stupid question that I’m sure I missed somewhere- why are we censoring their faces if these images came from their social media?

  21. Not everyone follows their social media, and the attendees most likely don’t know what’s up or they wouldn’t have spent the money to go. So attendees have their identity protected, but leaders do not because they know what they’re doing.

  22. Fully crack the shits is amazing!! Permission to add it to my daily verbiage?

  23. I’ve been on the Hilary’s subreddit for like 2 weeks. This bitch is NUTS!!!

  24. I’m going to get raked over the coals, but here is my 2 cents coming from personal experience.

  25. This is actually an awesome idea for couples with large friend groups. If you’re able to split amicably and stay friends it puts so much less pressure on the friends. It sucks when couples go through a bad divorce which in turn splits the friend groups into alliances.

  26. This is pure evil. Snark all we want, but this bitch is malicious. What a dumpster cunt.

  27. The escort theory is becoming more and more plausible to me these days. Especially since Alec goes along with her lies. I used to be a sw and have friends who still are. Yoga instructor/ dancer is a good “cover up” job. And we all know she can’t dance or do yoga (putting your legs beHind your head as far as they can go is NOT yoga) It’s giving they met after a rendezvous and she never went home…

  28. I’m over here crying laughing. This woman’s life is fucking hysterical. This has to be the biggest grifting / scamming rollercoaster I’ve ever seen. It keeps getting better.

  29. “Be the life of the party” oh man that made me giggle. I must party waaaay differently than these supposed devout Christians. If I showed up with this card game my friends would be pissed.

  30. As a newbie I’d like to say thank you so much. I have so many questions and everyone has been gracious to respond with thoughtful answers. No one has made me feel dumb but the exact opposite. Very much appreciated!

  31. I recently did a rewatch and my husband watched the show for the first time. It was neat to get perspective from someone who’s never experienced it before. He said Kendra was a dork, Bridget is sweet, and Holly is fun. We ended up watching a few episodes each night. I can’t believe how much this show still holds up all these years later as just a fun bubbly entertaining show. I felt like I needed to prepare my husband for the season finale, but I just kept my mouth shut. He was like “Kendra’s leaving, that sucks. Bridget’s leaving, that sucks. WAIT! Holly’s leaving? Is this the end?” It was actually adorable how invested he got into the show. We tried to watch Season 6 episode 1 and he couldn’t get through it. Sorry I babbled on. I can’t wait to hear them talk about Season 5.

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