1. My view is that water baptism is not technically essential but it is obligatory, and refusal to be baptised in water would be disorderly and grounds to question your faith.

  2. Oh. So it's not important, but it is. You are speaking with both sides of your mouth! The word essential and obligatory are synonyms according to the English dictionary.

  3. Nope. Jesus said that prostrating yourself in grand displays to the community could be unimpressive. And while we would do this to honor Jesus and there is nothing wrong with it, baptism can be vanity. Let the person decide for themselves where their heart lays, as Jesus was very dead set against religious vanity. If you fear in yourself that Baptism in water will tempt you into vanity, it is wisely avoided.

  4. None of you are looking at Jonah. The actions of the Christian Community can be just as wicked as any Pharasee. God told him not to go back to Israel and he did not mix into the Assyrians either. Why? Because the Assyrians were vicious, and the Israelites were too stupid to treat him or most anyone else right. When Christians fall away it can be the fault of the community and it's actions. God loved Jonah enough to let him go and leave him alone. Would you?

  5. Never. EVER trust people with street drugs. Period.

  6. Western Christianity is dying because we think it was OK for Jesus to die for other people's sins and problems, since he was God. It was OK for the Pharisees to dehumanize him and use him as a human sacrifice because God said in their minds that it was his entire reason for creating a very human baby and raising him up. The kinds of Christians who need that kind of assurance in life are the kinds of people who have been horribly guilty; and think that when they fall short in sins that cost other people their lives and their health that Jesus paid for that too, so there is no need to further regard the matter.

  7. Friend, I honestly do not know what to feel about mental illness. My own experiences tell me that people really don't care as much as they say they do, and you can actually recover and be shoved back into it if you are abused again. Often it isn't just one on one; a whole community can single out a single person to torment and then throw away.

  8. Is that safe to use on the mouthpiece / mouthpiece cushion / reed ?

  9. Make sure the screw on the A key is properly adjusted. That will sound airy and leak if you don't pay attention.

  10. Does God choose for little children to be raped as well? I think you’re missing the point. We live in a fallen world. We were born into a war, a spiritual war. We are the body of Christ in the earth overcoming evil with good. That’s the plan, always has been.

  11. When it comes to judgement and the dead, there is no authority above God's. No moral human being can ever claim this power. The victimization of children who live is not the same issue of whether or not a Church can as a whole claim to resurrect the dead.

  12. I agree with your first sentence. But you do know Jesus gave his authority or expanded his authority to his believers, his followers?

  13. If they were right with God then the child should have got up by your judgement. But he didn't.

  14. The Oriental Tehwado Church (Ethiopia) is where you need to research. They are as old as the Catholics and Eastern Orthodox

  15. So many things, but the main thing was lying to the Holy Spirit.

  16. Honesty with God (and for that matter, the human you may have sinned against) is a huge part of getting right. Sometimes though, you might not be able to repair what you've done. The sign of Jonah is to move on.

  17. Read the Book of Jonah and I'll share what I know of it.

  18. "My God, my God ... why have you forsaken me?" (Psalms 22, Matthew 27:46)

  19. It sounds to me like she feels she has lied to you about who and what she is, and it has to do with how she was raped 15 years ago. Repressed memory? Maybe. Something here is un-said ... and that's a disturbing thing I find all too common in Christianity. We tell each other all the time that God forgives everything and just don't worry about out pasts, but the past does have a way of catching up to us. It could be something about her old life is rearing its head.

  20. Yes, Jesus death on the cross paid for our sins. Without his blood sacrifice on the cross we would have unpaid sins and have to pay for them in hell.

  21. Blasphemy. Human sacrifice has always been a sin, and an unacceptable sacrifice for a guilt offering. (Genesis 22)

  22. Christ isn't a human sacrifice, he is God sacrificed on the cross.

  23. You're telling me a human being - created in God's image by God - That God put in THIS world, who was born as a baby and grew up to be a man who lived, breathed, and bled was created for the whole purpose of being killed on a piece of wood so you can feel better about yourself. He was a great prophet sent by God that mankind murdered because of how he made them feel about their sins.

  24. It's same as a Selmer Signet but with a different brand and keywork style. I admit it's on very nice shape.

  25. Talk to your date ... If he knows you and gets it he will not mind.

  26. 6 Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works,

  27. If a Christian will treat you in a way they would not treat themselves, you already know what you are dealing with. When they cripple your mind, body, and spirit they are separating you from our jealous God.

  28. Show me scriptural references that these opinions are based on.

  29. I'm at Sukkot this weekend. After the holiday I will post a reply.

  30. May the Lord Bless you as you celebrate Sukkot and remember all that he has done.

  31. Here. I'm going to quote another poster here who resolves it better than I do:

  32. A respectable observation, sir. When you look at all of it combined surely it can look and feel much as it did between Israel and Judah?

  33. When everything is done right in a group setting yes. that is not always the case

  34. Then God is not there. This doesn't mean a church building is necessary. You need only be sharing your thoughts on God with others in a physical setting. a park, resteraunt, or home will suffice.

  35. Jesus died because of what other people did: and because of it no one can be sacrificed by anyone else for the sins of their lives. We no longer practice guilt offering: rather we each are judged for our own sins. The grace of Jesus Christ is about encouraging you to get out of sin while you can ... Because no one in this world can carry your cross for you.

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