[Postgame Thread] Texas Tech Defeats Texas 37-34 (OT)

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  1. I am hoping the intent of the language is targeting services like Airbnb, making it illegal for them to collect money from unlicensed STR operators.

  2. That's determined by USPS. It has nothing to do with the taxes you pay.

  3. Yep, a USPS mailing address is not indicative of which jurisdiction someone lives under, just the location of the post office the mail gets delivered through.

  4. You do not live in the city of Austin. You are within an Austin ETJ. It allows the city to exercise some regulations due to the proximity to the city limits.

  5. A long piece with a fairly unconvincing argument going after the more progressive candidate from the Bulldog?

  6. Few minor corrections as someone who has had season tickets for both clubs:

  7. Every time I saw him play for Austin he was not good. Granted he’s a backup, but I just think for backups I’d tend to want to give a guy with potential more of a shot than a guy who’s already proven to be not so good.

  8. Did he make a few mistakes more than average? Sure did. But also barely got any meaningful playing time, so hard to judge given how goalkeepers need consistency to build confidence.

  9. Famous procrastinators, those early voters.

  10. What indication do you have that anything untoward is happening

  11. Continental Tire should present the MLS Worst XI and give them all jerseys with tire treads on them, as they were run-over by the rest of the league.

  12. If you click forward to the methodology, it has got to be one of the most arbitrarily stupid algorithms ever used in the already stupid category of “city rankings”.

  13. I remember reading that we will have the first option to buy our season ticket member seats for all playoff matches EXCEPT the MLS Cup, which is just silly to me. I'll cross my fingers, but am anticipating it will be much more difficult for me to get my hands on tickets even with an Oak Collective presale of some sort.

  14. This is mostly because a number of STHs may be displaced and their seats used for sponsors or other league commitments.

  15. Everyone gets priority/presell. Access. From the sound of it, the break down is like 45//40/5 home/away/mls sponsors for allotment

  16. There is a higher number of Away tickets than normal, but I don’t think it’s 40%.

  17. 8am flight home seems bold given that you'll be up all night celebrating. Listos!

  18. Noon kickoff on Sunday (LA time). Still early, but should be lots of party time.

  19. From what I’ve heard, Driussi kinda has stage fright. Not during the match, as you can tell he absolutely rises to the occasion when the ball is at his feet.

  20. Hopsquad is opening at 8am on Sunday. Source:

  21. Batch has a food truck in the backyard these days.

  22. As it has been for every away team this year with a unique agreement that was reached among the Texas teams.

  23. First, Copa Tejas council agreed to have the celebration outside of the stadium if the trophy was won in an opposing teams stadium

  24. First, the Copa council has been told by the FCD front office that we could not celebrate in the stadium and so was forced to adopt this policy.

  25. Best prices will be on SeatGeek and they will probably drop closer to match time so that is an option.

  26. might sound dumb, but how do I post/upload a picture here using Chrome?

  27. Full match is available via ESPN if you have access:

  28. Yeah, it was opt-out for STHs, followed by ~300 Supporters Section tickets being allocated to Supporter Groups. The remaining tickets were sold via SeatGeek.

  29. Waitlist members followed STHs, though I think the number available to that block was pretty small.

  30. I just want to compare to other situations. Like how many tickets do y'all allocate to away fans?

  31. Depends on the FO as well. Our FO caps them because they'll be able to sell the seats locally for a lot more money (despite the claims of inflating away seats).

  32. And on the offside call, there was no angle that showed him onside to overturn the on field call.

  33. That wasn't even what the sub had a problem with. The owner initially wanted the city to pay for the stadium and to get a tax break for bringing jobs.

  34. I don't think there was ever a proposal on the table where the city paid for the stadium. Varying levels of rent/city ownership of the final product as well as site, but never paying for construction costs.

  35. Also has ZERO public transportation there as well 🙁

  36. Except that’s not true. MBTA has rail service

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