1. Yes, agreed, so funny they don't get it. I have a friend here who doesn't get it but I'm not very good at explaining things; could you explain it?

  2. Hmm, this sounds like such a familiar and important problem and request, hmm… maybe there needs to be accountability and regulation?

  3. In that interview Koch sounded far more level headed, even if I don’t agree with their views always, than most political leaders on the far right right now.

  4. Is better to say the quiet part out loud: No body wants to deal with an entitled billionarie is that later is going to say: " what if we give half the country to earthquakes, to appease them you know"

  5. Or maybe they need humanitarian aid and supplies not satellites like they just said.

  6. Why do people buy apple products when there is a huge selection of equally capable, or better, products available and for less money?

  7. Unpopular opinion airpods have uniquely good integration via iCloud. Other companies, for consumer grade headphones, require pairing and are limited by how many devices headphones can remember pairing with. Which is very few.

  8. They should be treating this like a domestic terrorism network. Meanwhile we’re arguing about whether Microsoft or Disney are woke with some other states 😂

  9. It's interesting how split the comments are.

  10. Setting up mini office is cringe. Gets in the way of the nurses. Just use it in handheld mode and be attentive to your wife and put it down as needed.

  11. Omg, the delusion is so strong I think I’m going to close the app for today 😂

  12. Lol at the people who think theyre doing something saying "just get a steam deck". This is for someone like me who just wanted a emulation/ps2 only machine. Twice the storage of the deck and i didnt have to settle for a huge ass steam deck, with a subpar screen and worse battery life. The deck isnt for everybody for christs sake.

  13. What’s battery life like on this new device. WiFi version running emulation vs streaming I guess? I couldn’t find hour info on order site, may have looked at wrong page.

  14. Battery life is pretty good while actually gaming(i emulate ps2 on mine) streaming would be like 9 or 10 hrs vs the 5-7 i get emulating. Its certainly a lot more powerful than the g cloud and a oled display. The g cloud has better feel/controls and a 16 by 9 display (its just better than 20 by 9 for gaming/emulating) but your not going past ps1/psp on the g cloud, the processor is too weak. Edge handles ps2/gamecube well and maybe even some wii/switch.

  15. The screen is great as long as you can ignore those god-awful rounded corners.

  16. Ok, it you can just walk on other side of the road. I appreciate the idea.

  17. Wow, they have a huge number of ignorant people in an impactful generation. Awful.

  18. If only people, the guy without the cabinet, had half a brain to look where they are going. So many pedestrians don’t look where they’re going. Baffling.

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