1. I remember how they advertised the Slipspace engine like it was something huge. Turns out it's one of the reason this game is how it is

  2. I love playing infinite but the goddamn net code is complete shit. It’s completely inconsistent. Oh I get killed from 50 feet away by a hammer, but i have to 2 shot someone in the head??

  3. It’s magical eh. We left tiffins for my wife’s birthday at closing right into the bioluminescence… really really neat.

  4. Clayton stuff is an instant FF here, god they’re the most boring people on television.

  5. In Canada, most super chargers that I have been to are far off (at least 3-5mins walk) from a shop or place that keeps trashcan. Having a trash can near by will definitely help.

  6. I searched and this was the only thread. Do you remember when it was posted?

  7. Couple months ago for the F150, this obviously is the first\only allowed thread for this issue.

  8. I’ll take an $8k check and they can have FSD. It’s not worth it.

  9. It’s neat, but I’m paying $8-15k to NOT drive a fun to drive car? Autopilot for long highway drives is really all I want.

  10. Right what I’m saying is I would take a check and they can have it. I didn’t know it was an option to remove it when I bought my car.

  11. I noticed this today too. It sucks because I couldn’t change quality or playback speed. Additionally, they changed the interface so I can’t swipe to make the playback screen small and I can’t just swipe down on the home screen to refresh the recommended videos

  12. If they hit it hard enough it could create a small dent and the lid might not be able to function properly.

  13. I have a toddler with a toy plastic hammer, they can hurt and cause damage.

  14. It's probably because after 200 years of random people just putting the entire island in a blender and shredding it to bits, they've had enough of that.

  15. It’s moronic. Searchers who keep finding each others searcher tunnels, perpetually throughout history. Old island used for regular stuff and we’re digging up every metal spike and dedicating 90% of the show to it like it’s important.

  16. I know eh… couple pieces of pottery. OMG Unesco world heritage site designation incoming!

  17. Would be cool if you could set a time frame that required PIN while all other driving did not. Like PIN required to drive between 11PM and 5:30AM or something

  18. I am not a fan of Mr.Beadt but I have nothing against his philanthropy.

  19. Mines 2 months old, wife already scratched it (small, but there).

  20. My Volt would heavily disagree with that after the free 5 years of OnStar. The website also still says you need an active plan

  21. $10 a month is a fucking bargain compared to the obnoxious fee OnStar was charging me. $35 a month and I still didn’t have remote app access to unlock/remote start. I’d have to pay like $50. Fuck GM so hard.

  22. Anyone know if the intent is for this FSDv visualization to replace the bare bones non FSD subscription visualization?

  23. What? No it doesn't. In DC fast chargers the charger (external to the car) is what controls the voltage applied to the battery and the power delivered. The car merely requests specific power level, but doesn't have direct control.

  24. See the rivian that got bricked a couple days ago just plugging in there, or the f150 the end of last year? There’s something fucked going on and I don’t trust the shitty system at all.

  25. On that topic, does anyone else think the cross looks a bit like this?

  26. No it looks like a cross that has a loop at the top to string a rope or chain though. There’s nothing special about it at all.

  27. I don't get this sub ( not this particular post) , if too many of these people are around, we have posts about how stupid they are. If we don't get a turn out , like this one in Ottawa, we have snarky comments about it instead of positive one's...

  28. Mr Beast seems like a nice guy, but I can't get past the awful YouTube face on his thumbnails. He looks disturbing

  29. He looks like such a goober, and everyone on I guess his “team” is annoying AF. I can’t stand the videos.

  30. I've been a truck mechanic for 10 years and I can't wait for self driving trucks. The drivers are by far the worst part of the job.

  31. Why didn’t they make it look similar to the other teslas? Looks to boxy

  32. Yeah truck assholes would love a feminine swooped areo design.

  33. Gosh. Torque on that machine seems minimal. I placed an order, I’m excited but that might prevent me from getting it

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