1. which I hated, as a 2d animator I'll admit with the exception of watching Toy Story as a child it took me until Frozen to give Disney's 3d animated films a chance (now I love them but yeah)

  2. Why is it that 2d animation died off for theatrical releases yet it still thrives on cable channels?

  3. My head cannon is you don't age after you join the 0 division.

  4. Pokemon Masters aside, the majority of characters that show up in the games get VAs regardless because of showing up in the anime. It's insane they haven't added voice acting to the games yet.

  5. I was taught in school that humans discovered ceramics by accident in a similar way. Line baskets with clay to make them hold liquid or other items that'd fall through the weaving, burn the baskets for some reason or another (maybe as fuel for the fire after the basket was worn out?), or maybe the burning was accidental, and ceramic was left behind

  6. I'd imagine for the bulk of human history discoveries were found accidentally. I don't think you'd see major purposeful discoveries outside of the past 5000 years or so.

  7. Now do this on Kirkwood Highway, Rt 40, and Rt 13.

  8. Old malls should be converted to affordable housing

  9. I'd like to see tax credits given to developers who turn abandoned strip malls into high density affordable housing instead of giving tax credits to businesses who refuse to pay their employees a living wage.

  10. There is a high chance that neither he or his possible 2024 opponent will be around for 2030. Why are they the frontrunners for shaping the future?

  11. There's a high chance they won't be around for 2024. Both are already on the wrong side of the US Life Expectancy for males.

  12. The family tree is sooooo much more complex with all the inbreeding. "This is my uncle cousin brother nephew, Aemaedaevaemon."

  13. the inbreeding and them using the same 5 names

  14. I’d be surprised if we made it out of Jump Festa without an anime

  15. They truly let you post anything on the internet huh

  16. I was driving down route 1 going about 90 in the left lane (I know I know not super safe) and this Tesla Model Y has the nerve to pass me in the right lane. People are insane when you've got a flat straight road.

  17. Body variety and uniforms. He uses uniforms to group them and make 70% of the design be easy. The rest goes to the characteristics. Fat guy with huge smile, lumbering giant with golden teeth tattoos, scrawny guy with facepaint that looks like he's straight out of native american myth but with a french style moustache etc etc etc. He never uses sameface and he never uses the same body type.

  18. I'd like to see your examples then? I mean off the top of my head I can't think of characters of his that use the same face and/or body type. If any exist they are the exception to the rule.

  19. I would add separated bike lanes or an elevated ped/bike lane for the full length of Kirkwood hwy. There is just no safe way to get from Newark to Wilmington by bike and they don't allow bikes on the train.

  20. This would be my fix as well. Cut Kirkwood down to two lanes on both sides, add protected bike lanes and wide sidewalks the entire length. Make the lanes slimmer and cut the speed limit to 35 the entire way. I'd also do the same thing with 40 and 13.

  21. The current clusterfuck is because roads are designed to be as hostile as possible to pedestrians and cyclist. If better transportation opportunities for pedestrians and cyclist are created there's less cars on the road making traffic less of a clusterfuck.

  22. I took the test back in October. Maybe 10% of it was math. There's a lot of field procedure, some boundary law, and a ton of theory.

  23. Are there any big snubs here, or was it really that thin of a year for hip hop?

  24. All of Griselda, Denzel Curry, and JID are the most notable

  25. Jack Harlow's about to pull a 2014 Macklemore huh?

  26. KF are bad for over using a term to the point it sounds silly.

  27. Tbh I think it’s because, finally, after billions of dollars and untold hours of wasted creative endeavour, the Star Wars property has yielded a product that has something to say.

  28. They had a product with something to say in 2017. The problem is the fanbase is full of man children that pushed away the best director Star Wars had ever had.

  29. >Series is in the center of the ToC

  30. ? what does that mean cuz isn't all of this hype? Hype is how you get pre-sale tickets. Trailers and spots are made to build hype

  31. Wakanda Forever will have better word of mouth

  32. All I can see in social medias are people that keeps on whining about Tenoch Huerta not being Asian and buff enough like wtf

  33. Ironheart suit felt crazy CG for some reason. Midnight Angel was just ugly.

  34. Honestly the Ironheart suit felt more real than every Iron Man suit. There was just a plasticky vibe to it.

  35. Greg Coverdale was legit and was a qualified choice for Treasurer. As was Simpler four years ago when someone who is not qualified to manage state finances took the treasurer's job and just got re-elected to the role.

  36. "There's a whole lot here that I think that people need to be ashamed of themselves in terms of voter turnout. I've said for months your vote is your voice, and when you have a turnout like this, statewide, it's unfortunate, it's incredibly frustrating."

  37. Higher voter turnout means they get blown the fuck out even further. The trend tends to be that Republicans vote during midterms and less Democrats vote during midterms. The Republican party is DOA in all statewide races.

  38. In the order I've listened to most to least I'd probably go:

  39. Honestly Isshin is easily scaleable to Urahara and Yoruichi's level because of them triple teaming Aizen.

  40. This is bad. Toshiro above Unohana?

  41. Also Chojiro can have Bankai and not be captain level. See Ikkaku and Renji. It’s not strange he has a Bankai either. Bankai is normally a prerequisite for becoming captain. So that means save Kenpachi every captain learned Bankai before being promoted.

  42. Chojiro was training his bankai for hundreds of years before Ukitake and Kyoraku even trained under Yamamoto. To say Chojiro isn't captain level is wrong.

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