1. Canton had em for 68 a half pretty good smoke man for sure

  2. Thanks for the clarification was wondering who they were I seen someone did mention rythm

  3. I was up there for a month at all hours never waited more than 10 mins each time even with 3 registers

  4. Never dude I went 10 different times maybe ten -15 tops same place right u go in the front they print ya a ticket then someone comes out gets ya takes ya in the lil room then ya go get in line

  5. Bloom, Columbia and ethos are all in counties to the north. Won’t be bad if your staying in West Chester/Sharonville area but Be a bit far from downtown.

  6. Ya I’m in sharonville I guess just looked at hotel paper lol

  7. Klutch hasn’t been the same in months flower taste like hay/bleach - icc, big head , sherbhead and now dosiface

  8. Hemma is a cheaper cultivator alot like chizle, pow. I love all 3 cultivators I've had several I'm smoking fresh powder from chizle it's in my top ten sativas and it cheap

  9. There sticky buns is a super sativa for me me man had my heart racing and me cleaning the house 😂

  10. And man I’ve got lemon cherry pie and sticky buns by chizel/cokoh lol both pretty good for 75 a half there galactic runts are fire as well

  11. And AGREED who wants to use flower that taste like chemicals , are described as smelling like hair spray and household cleaners 😂😂

  12. My 3 jars of budino the taste n smell reminded me of bleach

  13. I’ve got both Ohio green releaf sent mine within ten days nothing special it’s the little laminated card on a hard white plastic Id like card

  14. I think grow Ohio has a issue as well as ccell , I’ve got one of their live resin 510s with adjustable amps and it burnt as well at the lowest temp and tasted like fresh manure . 3 lusters TCC, SLH all burnt up . Their diamonds are really lacking taste and effect . The blame game only works so long . I HAVE NEVER HAD A KLUTCH POD BURN . Co2 or LR

  15. I got a half of their afghani smalls for like $40. It’s not amazing, but i thought it was good enough!

  16. AGREED . Gets the job done looks n taste pretty darn good tho anytime it’s less than 10 a g n decent I’m cool .The worse quality here is still better than the goofy shit hoppin on the streets lol

  17. I recommend avoiding if you value your money. You can have mine if you want it.

  18. Same issue here. I use a cigar torch for 10 seconds, warming the top of the battery with the pod in there. These Punch pods are stubborn.

  19. Lol I don’t use it on the plastic just from a distance but ya I get it for sure

  20. I’ll prob use them they were great I forgot about em lol

  21. Yes Columbia care flower Tyson name … look on your jar it says Columbia care on the back

  22. There flower never looks like this EVER MAN looks fire man

  23. Bro ohio is pre packed did you expect the dispo to let you open 12 month old weed just so you can say no and the sealed pakage is destroyed how would you expect them to try and sell an open pak thats just stupid my guy , think about it would you have bought it if it was 1 twelve months old (obviously you woud) and 2 would you ever buy a pack thats been opened the seal broken the buds molested by who ever did it this is a medical program bro would you buy pills from the pharmacy if the pharmasist said dont worry the pills are only a year old and been opened and outa the contaner there fine im sorry man but this is probably the stupidest thing you should expect a medical dispo to let you do and remember just let you because we all have to buy that way i dont care if it was three yrs old you should have the common sense and expect that 12 month old weed is probably be stale and its not cail or Washington they dont have weed in mason jars ready to dole out whatever i dont agree with a lot of things in this program but your behavior is troubling at the very least you sound so entiled with that whinny shit

  24. And if I knew the product was 12 months old I sure as FUCK WOULDNT BUY IT . Pack a cap or some shit . Maybe you were the shitty tender at zen leaf that helped me ? Trippin because you didn’t take the time to read ..

  25. Lol dude WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ….where did I say I wanted the package open ? I said I WASNT EVEN ALLOWED TO SEE THE CONTAINER I PURCHASED TO LOOK AT THE LABEL ON THE UNOPENED JAR .. WE ACTUALLY ARE ALLOWED TO LOOK AT DATES ON THE JARS , YOUR ALLOWED TO SAY NO I DONT WANT THIS PRODUCT. You make no sense buddy . Where the hell did I say I want to open the jar , to touch the buds … I said my bag on my mobile order was sealed shut I wasn’t allowed to open my PAPER BAG THAT THE CONTAINER WAS SITTING IN TO CHECK THE DATES ON THE JAR .

  26. If you only have one date you’re either a care giver, don’t have a recommendation or an active registration with Ohio BOP

  27. I only have one date since I’ve gotten my card I’m not a card giver and my cards definitely active and I make purchases all the time

  28. I used Ohio Green Team. Would recommend.

  29. Yup yup, even prettier in person, and the smell hmm, I’m gonna say like raspberries and maybe even strawberries… Which more than likely it’s coming from the sativa side…. I think it’s like a 60/40 or 70/30 indica:sativa ratio

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