1. I’m so excited to restart after marrying Arthur and go through this Lancelot version

  2. I’m thinking Chapter 17 is the book finale and you defeat Merlin, but his spell succeeded and nobody remembers you. Not even your parents.

  3. Wait until your baby is mobile, I guarantee your baby fever will dissipate ;)

  4. Good to know!! I was curious if there were health risks with getting pregnant again so soon.

  5. Yes! I believe the risks are premature birth, low birth weight, placental abruption, and I feel like I’m missing other stuff

  6. It really just depends on the person, so it’s hard to say. Personally, when I was at 37 and 38 weeks, I was just sort of uncomfortable and felt heavy but that was it. But some people feel absolutely garbage at that point though. It really just depends on the person!

  7. I’m not sure about OBs, but my midwife was pretty spot on just by touch! She felt my belly at 38 weeks and estimated baby would be about 7.5lbs. He came out six days later weighing in at 7lbs 8 oz! And she did it all just by touching my belly! She said her and the other midwives are usually within a couple oz.

  8. So for me, if my water broke my midwives told me to call them first. That didn’t happen though! My water didn’t break until wellllll into labor. I knew to go to the hospital because I started having contractions lasting at least one minute, every five minutes for two hours. I timed my contractions using an app on my phone. My husband did plan to be off work starting at 39 weeks, which was a day short since I went into labor at 38+6 lol!

  9. I only have a two month old so screen time isn’t really a thing yet, but I was very adamant about not using a pacifier but now I always have one on me lol

  10. I can’t remember if I experienced this in the 1st tri… but just wait for the 3rd tri swamp vag and smells.

  11. A really nice foot massager, a mani/pedi, my favorite pastries, a heated blanket

  12. I did! I can’t remember what antibiotic I received though, since I’m allergic to amoxicillin and penicillin

  13. First of all, you asked what vibe the name gives off, and you’re calling people ignorant for tying it with the film? Don’t ask if you don’t want the answer.

  14. Yes girlie that’s such a cute name! I personally prefer the name ‘blubber’ 😍 a cute middle name would be Clemenrow!

  15. Really, the only ingredients you need to avoid while pregnant are retinols, hydroquinone, Salicylic acid, formaldehyde (which is in some hair care products, I think you're fine with OGX though, and a lot of nail polishes) and chemical sunscreens. The reality is though that without sulphates your shampoos won't sud which is what cleanses and without preservants all your products will mold. I know there's a lot of fear mongering about ingredients but very few of these ingredients that people focus on will do actual harm and have been used in medical settings with research for decades. If you're not using any of the ingredients I stated in the beginning, you're fine (: we have enough to worry about don't add anymore stress to your life

  16. I COMPLETELY relate. I’m a SAHM with a two month old and my gosh it’s so lonely. I’m also located in the Midwest, so yeah not being able to go outside for a walk with my baby isn’t helping. I went to the grocery store today and I’ve turned into a person who holds up the line trying to have a conversation with the cashier 😭

  17. If she is breastfeeding, at night time bring baby to her to feed. It sounds minor, but having mom not have to get out of bed to feed makes SUCH a difference. Or handle diaper changes at night. When she is feeding baby, offer to bring her water or a snack if she doesn’t have any near her.

  18. Also to add: don’t be surprised if baby doesn’t “like” you at first. My son is two months old, so I’m still in the fourth trimester and my son doesn’t like to be soothed by my husband yet. My baby still thinks he and I are one. That being said, don’t let this discourage you and don’t let mom become the only one to soothe him. Mom needs a break too, or else she will burnout. Have a bottle ready to feed him if he’s hungry, and insist on taking baby so she can shower or have time to herself, and don’t make her feel pressured to take over if baby starts to fuss. Being the only one to soothe a baby is draining.

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