1. I'd throw in Pulte also. He seems to be having a hard time not spilling the beans...(tinfoil)

  2. When you think about all the previous quarters, there was a lot of spending on the wallet and the market place. My honest opinion is that many of those quarters would've turned a profit without that spending. I was not surprised by this earnings, I almost expected it. We will continue to see these types of earnings reports even in the bad economic situation we are in. I can't wait.

  3. honestly, I think the shills are actually just AI bots built internally by SHFs, I've seen entire reddit subs that are 100% AI having mostly coherent conversations.. so maybe even they will still be here with us, infinitely shilling even though we've been paid like kings and queens.

  4. This is meaningless. After you’ve paid off your property you still have real estate taxes

  5. The angry red faced emojis are misleading

  6. Whoever made the review is smart. Normally a bad review gets highlighted at the top but because he used angry emojis the algorithm thought it was a bad review

  7. Family Law, We are seeking other firms to refer business to. Too many cases to handle.

  8. Please guys let’s not give him the attention else we reward his attention seeking behavior

  9. This is true. Bears bought puts and opened shorts. Bulls hold stocks and bought calls.

  10. RC tries to turn BBBY around. Invests in it and asks for a bunch of changes. Over time he isn't happy with the companies direction and pulls out. Later that company goes bankrupt. How does that ruin his reputation?

  11. Over time is a few months? That’s a pump and dump. Anyways that’s why I think he’s still in because otherwise MSM has been right all along.

  12. You mean like how they were right about HBC even when this sub refused to believe it?

  13. I’m sorry but you went too far into the deep end. Facts are black and white but you think it’s all a black world.

  14. https://youtu.be/uN2Dw8AOdMk?t=2239

  15. There is a huge reputation loss for Ryan Cohen. That’s why MSM has been calling him a pump and dumper all this time because that’s what he did.

  16. Pero la segunda razón es una paradoja, quieren tener mas hijos para que los mantengan de grandes, pero si no los tuvieran, podrían ahorrar dinero para el retiro. Con solo un hijo que los vaya a visitar mientras disfrutan de su dinero de retiro no está mal.

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