1. yer mate the leapord ran off like a little bitch at the end.... lol

  2. Getting downvoted because Americans don't understand you is hilarious

  3. Hahah I know yer … they should Google the grammar at least …

  4. Everyone always offended about everything. Just enjoy football nobody asked for your input

  5. Obviously your Butt Hurt By Facts, Its a Platform for discussion, if you dont like that then Piss off to Facebook or Twitter.. Peopls have a right on Reddit to Voice There opinion.

  6. This is me sharing my opinion so I am within my rights. If you don't like it then go to Facebook or Twitter.

  7. Man your comeback is so shite… I think I can hear your mommy calling you ..

  8. Whats weird as fuck, is your post claiming something then your inability to substantiate when beeing asked, the guy is only asking a question, why are you getting butt hurt ?, is it because you dont know the answer to your own post ?

  9. I reckon each team should put there toughest player forward, and a fight till the death in the centre circle till somebody drops ..

  10. I would like to see him come to the premier league or La Ligue… show his talents on a larger scale cos the French league is quite shite to be honest and he is wasted there… come to the premier league and let’s see if you can do it on a rainy Wednesday night at Stoke..

  11. What do you even mean by "Spain vs Germany should've been the correct game"?

  12. Name one player player except tomiyasu who plays for a top tier team in Europe ?

  13. Because goal line technology proved the ball was not 100% over the line .. that’s what it’s there for .. been around a long time .. is this your first time watching football ?

  14. those couches would give somone who is on mushrooms a fun time

  15. Lol yer man imagine the hallucinations .. especially with the concrete walls around it ..

  16. I’m actually out here right now .. the beer prices are okay to be honest .. bottle Heineken £6 .. and most of the places I’ve been to have happy hour 12-9pm 25 riyal a pint so about 5 quid but the rest I agree with

  17. The place itself is beautiful mate.. and to be honest the prices are fine.. if you want expensive restaurants you can find .. but there is also loads of cheap eateries we’re you can get a sandwich for 50p or burger and chips for a few quid so like anywhere really.. but doesn’t have a city feeling… everything is about events and festivals .. just seams like they are forgetting thy people are coming here to watch the football and not a Holiday.. people don’t budget for festivals and events .. they budget for the football tickets and booze …

  18. If you dont mind me asking, how long are you staying in Qatar and how much did you pay for the accommodation for the duration of your stay?

  19. I will stay 2 weeks for the groups stage and if we progress then I will stay until we win or are knocked out…. Accomodation is £218 per night … but I’ve been following some fan pages .. and loads of then are staying in Dubai and getting flights for the game for £30 return so I’m thinking of maybe going there a I believe it’s much more open and there is more things to do .. what I witnessed last night doesn’t fill me with confidence.. and also I’m not feeling the atmosphere but maybe that will change when the tournament starts..

  20. Can’t make your own post mate ? Have to steal others to get Karma ? Sad little idiot..

  21. It’s the same meaning just different spelling dumbass

  22. Didnt try Hard Enough Could have Gotten at Least 9 on That Bad Boy..

  23. Not Since i got my Dick Stuck in My Zipper when we went camping when i was 12 y/o.. Scarred me For life, Havnt Been Okay Since...

  24. Nobody Fucks With The Capybara from The Copa Capybara Swimming pool.. They are Not Gators you See .. They are Germans waiting for a Bed near the Pool...

  25. Come on Guys Behave, You nearly made the other Guy Late For Work.. Get out his Way..

  26. What the hell is up with your camera??

  27. if you tilt your head to the side and open your mouth it looks okay....

  28. Shouldn't you be karma farming you pathetic little twat waffle?

  29. Congraulations you managed 9 words in a comment, looking at your profile of past comments thats a record, you tagnut eating little comment bitch with a micropenis who wouldnt know what a twat looks like even if a hooker sat on your face...

  30. lol... the wait is killing me... but maybe its passed his bedtime and mommy told him he has to sleep now...

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