1. That’s why I said it’s a guess. True, we don’t look nordic. We do have quite a lot of blonde, brunettes, and gingers with blue/green eyes in Afghanistan. They look Afghan tho, not European to me at all.

  2. I think it's more about our education of history which is poorly taught and researched, which is why there are some Kazakhs who think that our ancestors were like that, although lately, people are making fun of it a lot more. It's probably due to the inferiority complex of looking East Asian.

  3. That’s very plausible. Was it due to the russians that skewed how your history is taught or was it always like that? I also don’t understand the inferiority complex. I always assumed kazakhs like the way they look. I mean every group is going to have their own look.

  4. Not to the point of South Asian level of bleaching their own skin (we're pretty light-skinned anyways lol) but there's some I think.

  5. We're all shithole countries, just to a different degree depending on the country itself. Still, Central Asia as a concept itself developed under Russian and subsequent Soviet rule, so Afghanistan skipped that definition if we don't count the decade-long Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. And Uzbeks and Tajiks of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan don't look at Uzbeks and Tajiks of Afghanistan as co-brethren cause things changed a lot in the last century.

  6. Most Central Asians don’t care beside those who are pan Turkist and denounce what is happening in Azerbaijan or still carry resentment after Armenian units were used by Soviets to massacre Uzbek regions. But they are few and far in between. If anything, the Central Asian countries appear to enjoy friendly relations with Armenia. In my experience it’s usually Armenian nationalists who don’t like us, actually.

  7. Most Armenians don't actually know that Central Asians (not including Tajiks) are Turkic except maybe Turkmens (duh!)

  8. Iranians are gonna dm the fuck out of ya cause you put their country next with Arabs

  9. Northern Cyprus is essentially the Turkish version of LDNR that happened 40 years earlier, so I don't welcome that decision

  10. https://twitter.com/HanniPunished/status/1628836905050595328

  11. From a YouTube video comment translated to english:

  12. Why the Soviet soldier is depicted as mongoloid when Finns themselves are Mongols /s

  13. Zionism is a nationalism while Islamism is a political movement

  14. Zionism is a political movement.

  15. It's both, while most Islamists oppose nationalism

  16. Why did this comment get downvoted to hell? I thought Central Asians are secular...

  17. We are but support for Palestine or Israel doesn't or shouldn't be based on solely religion on lack of it

  18. No hatred should be expressed on this sub

  19. I love them i love how they practice a secularist islam mostly it's wonderful.. i love their culture dresses and how friendly they are

  20. Not sure what secularist Islam means but people here do freedom of religion

  21. Damn, we gotta step up our mean consumption

  22. You should read Khomeini's work on bestiality

  23. Lol this plays into the stereotype that Uzbeks say everything on this earth came from us. My mum jokes the same thing whenever I remark on a small similarity we have with another culture. “Maybe they were Uzbeks.”

  24. Actually, all of us were first blue and blonde-eyed Aryan people until Genghis Khan came and ruined our genetics 😭

  25. No, that's not true. Sure, there were the Andronov culture, but other than them all our ancestors were mongoloid

  26. Tbh it's just that they're way more honest

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