1. Massive mismatch. Goku is well beyond planetary, which puts him exponentially beyond

  2. Everytime i read about a Marvel vs DC a comment uses the crossovers as a metric and let me say its one of the worst metrics i have ever seeing, comics characters are pretty hard to scale since they have so much to take from as the time goes on and usually comparative scaling works fine but im sorry i wanna see any fear where Namor comes close to a high end feat of hulk, most of the arguments you present can be counter argue with Aquaman own feats again Marvel vs DC crossover is a bad metric saddly ( case and point orc>namor??), we should always try to find the most consistent and in cannon feats to talk about the characters a fanservice one off is not that

  3. WWH should win solidly. While sparring with Korg he was

  4. There is a real Marvel and DC crossover?

  5. If by real, you mean canon, there are multiple. Marvel VS DC, JLA/Avengers, All/Unlimited Access, Superman/Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer/Green Lantern have all been referenced by both companies and/or said by their authors to be canon.

  6. Bayonetta series has better feats overall, though both characters have visually very underhwelming feats compared to events of lore (which are usually multiversal-universal)

  7. In this thread, tons of people arguing whether Superman is planet level or boundless and everything in between.

  8. Agreed, the reason why no one supporting the latter opinion can give any scans is because they don't exist and are just words from youtubers, while scans of the former are

  9. Buu stomps, he was much stronger than Z Frieza whose 1st form

  10. If you think so, feel free to give some sort of counter instead of bad jokes.

  11. R1-4: Goku stomps badly, they're just on different tiers. According to DC, Superman

  12. R1: Raditz should win solidly. On top of a massive speed advantage, no-selling and stomping Piccolo in the same arc where he moon busted is

  13. Sentinels fall in those weird category where they range from having

  14. I wouldn't scale Thor vs Shazam strength based on how Thor can deal with a Ferris wheel thrown at him. Thrown objects are pretty much never gonna have even close to a fraction of the throwers total strength backing them up.

  15. Usually maybe, but in this circumstance it was explicitly backed by the combined strength of both, and Thor's strike sent it right back, meaning it overpowered its momentum.

  16. Kratos fought Atlas, the titan that lifts the world and he took down Kronos, who was also huge.

  17. Albert Wesker: On paper he has a fantastic powerset with FTE speed, strength enough to crumple steel, and regeneration. However, he jobs extremely hard by constantly underestimating his opponents and forgetting how his powers work at key moments. If Chris Redfield can kill Wesker, then Captain America certainly can.

  18. Whether or not Spider-Man is or isn't holding back shouldn't really be a factor here. When Spider-Man is holding back he could still beat down Captain America if he wanted to and if he was pissed Cap wouldn't stand a chance. It depends on the plot. Meanwhile Doc Ock has defeated Spider-Man in combat more times than Captain America has.

  19. I agree, even if final form Frieza blew up half his head when caught in Namek's explosion and almost died floating in space from those injuries - just because the Sentry could allow himself to be vaporized and reform himself in the sun (or later the White Hot Room outside reality) doesn't make change the fact Frieza's going to... do something that makes him.... win?

  20. Massive mismatch, Frieza stomps badly. Even Namek Frieza's 1st form

  21. Don't know much about godspeed but seeing how people wank speed force users this mf probably beats Zeno or something

  22. Speedforce users actually might beat Zeno just because he has no durability feats and explicitly couldn't react to Dyspo, but yeah,

  23. Godspeed should reliably take this fight, He, Barry, and Eobard were able to fight the Amped Villain Paradox.

  24. Stops at 3. Cell is far stronger than the likes of Namek Frieza,

  25. Yeah pretty sure the car is detrimental to hulks strength here. The car would just be destroyed as it hit Superman or just bounce off. Now could Hulk stagger Superman with a haymaker? That I don’t know but I’m sure it’s been done in comics.

  26. It's just the winner that was determined by fanvotes, not the fight itself. If you want to just stick with the narration describing them as equals (which had nothing to do with fanvotes) that's fine.

  27. Definitely not. Guys like Goku and Saitama are there, who are well beyond planet busting, which

  28. Can I buy some pot from you? You must have some good shit if you think an antifeat like that really mean Darkseid isn't a casual uni + in avatar state

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