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  1. What an interesting figure you have! Sometimes Ds or DDs and sometimes CCs, beautiful in any case. And a Photoshop expert to boot!

  2. I’d love to apply my tongue and dick to your beautiful pussy and enter it often.

  3. Happy birthday Starrie. You look great, have a great figure, and I know we would have a lot of fun together and often. How do I know? Pillow talk between sessions with a Vonnegut and Batman fan is good start. Btw, please tell me / us about 3-19-15_ _, if reading those numerals correctly.

  4. Please stay out of the sun or use uv ray block to protect your décolletage.

  5. Your pretty face is so kissable. There would be no end of fun for the two of us.

  6. I’ve long suspected package to perineum was a turn-on. It also works for missionary position, doesn’t it?

  7. Definitely keep. It adds so much to some positions. Besides, what’s an occasional hair in the mouth?

  8. You’d be my slave girl, too. We’ll cook and eat together and each other then make dinner. Yum, what delicious thoughts!

  9. Not only lovely breasts but alluring waist and hips begging to be split by my dick. Your so pretty face provocatively beckoning my kisses. Can you feel my soft lips on yours and caressing your neck and slender shoulders?

  10. Wham! Undressing you is my job. Then fucking you silly is my / our pleasure. Wouldn’t be giving you away.

  11. If that’s what you want. How about licking, kissing and sucking them and my technique of motorboating your pussy?

  12. Your butt does seem pretty big but wouldn’t stop me from kissing those lips and all the rest of you. If your ex left because of your backside, he’s an idiot.

  13. And what a lovely body you have. You’re not asking but wish I could share it, a lot.

  14. I don’t understand why you need the self-fulfilling toy. The thought of having you glasses and all, in my arms and mouth and feeling myself within you is so exciting. For me, leaving your bed would be almost impossible. The only regret is you’re too short to suckle you while impaled on me. I could live with that though, because you’re so delicious. Wish we could fill each other.

  15. 40yo for real? You do a great job of staying out of the sun! Firmer breasts than some 20yos I’ve had. So pretty, so kissable all over.

  16. Is fucking your butt possible? I’ve never had a woman like you. Pretty face, breasts for thorough sucking all the time, what fun!

  17. Incredibly sexy hips and braces in your teeth. Haven’t fucked an 18yo in so long. What fun we’ll have driving you into unimaginable ecstasy.

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