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  1. really hope so. Hate having to juggle two accounts for updating my devices.

  2. You don't need that? If you're on iOS you can just update from your home country account and if you're on Android just download the newest APK.

  3. No one is going to point out that Ok_Zookeepergame5293 is clearly the person who made the video? All his posts is in posts about his videos even in other subreddits.

  4. Are you playing into empty location with Prof X, Hobgoblin when bot can easily fill to 4 then?

  5. He is lying or he are just to bad to notice the bots doing this.

  6. I started running in to cheating bots at 65. It might be that you're just not noticing it.

  7. This kind of attitude is exactly why everyone is so vocal about boosters. Everyone thinks people are in the same boat when they are not.

  8. But they are useless when you hit the levels where this matters. No one and i mean no one should pay €20 to get to the next CL level and get 1 or 2 games worth of boosters.

  9. There is no difference in collection level. Upgrading cards costs the same amount of boosters and credits no matter where you are at.

  10. Not true at all, you start at getting cards every 4 levels then caches every 6 levels and it goes up to 12 levels. It's a difference. Not it the price to upgrade cards but between CL levels later. Getting more credits = faster to a new chance of getting a card.

  11. So I’ve ran into a hiccup it ask for my billing info which I assume needs to match a Philippines address?

  12. You know you wont be allowed to transfer your bluestacks access to your real account right? Beta accounts are verified, they arent going to let a non-verified account to transfer in a bunch of stuff.

  13. Yes, they are. They are open beta in Oceania. They have no way of knowing who and what downloaded the correct way and not.

  14. Well I tried to switch the store region but I can’t use my mastercard or PayPal in those areas so apple won’t let me. Don’t know that I’m the only one who got hyped by their initial advertising only to get blocked like this

  15. Change back after you have downloaded it to your normal store and it works.

  16. Appreciate the help but without an approved payment method I simply can’t switch & can’t download

  17. You don't need an approved on Apple. Me and at least 10 other people I have helped have done it.

  18. Yeah this is the result of the new matchmaking. New players have it easy for 1 season but realize by next season that early pool 3 is a rough place to be. Mostly real players unless you have very high MMR, and it’s hard to climb with bad pool 3 pulls against full optimized meta decks.

  19. Second season in a row I hit Infinite with a Pool 1 only deck (I did add DD this season) I'm in Pool 3 so I got matched against top decks as well.

  20. Yes, everyone should have got it. 5/8 Jane Foster the Mighty Thor.

  21. If you started before the patch went live you should get her I believe. I started a week ago.

  22. Why do you assume the 4 years with KD is guaranteed? He literally is asking off of a team before the 1st year of the 4 year extension he just signed. Jaylen is only under contract for 2 more years but the Celtics can pay him more than anyone else for his next contract. Even ignoring obvious pessimism about KD's health reliability, there's alot of evidence for KD being more of a flight risk than Jaylen.

  23. KD has asked for a trade once in 14 years and it's from a dysfunctional with head case Kyrie and Simmons. You and many else are making it sounds like this is a recurring thing.

  24. The team is dysfunctional because KD was allowed immense input into every facet of the operation. KD hasn't demanded trades from other teams but has become unhappy in multiple situations tailor-made for him to be successful. Wth has Jaylen done that's "going down the Kyrie road" ? And if you want to look at just the next 2 years you have to account for the massive risk that KD can't even stay on the court. He hasn't been able to play 60+ games and make it thru a full playoff run since the 2017-18 season.

  25. Random weird tweets, not getting vaccinated and hanging out with both Kyrie and Kanye are huge red flags.

  26. Spider People after Shield and then BP after that.

  27. Curry changed the game. He’s also more influential that Gretzky. No one knows him outside of NHL fans but with Curry everyone even says Curry when they shoot 3s at the park. Gretzky was good at hockey but Curry IS basketball.

  28. People not reading your username are hilarious.

  29. I think it is a really nasty joke..It is clearly yanny..Why people pretend they hear laurel ?

  30. I switched from notify-strip to vaft literally minutes ago and the ad-blocking is working again.

  31. LOL. It reminds me of the time that Pokerbunny check/shoved bottom two on K76 and the guy called it off with KT and then got mad because she "angled" when she claimed she didn't realize how much money she had back. It's like, fine...but you know you don't beat anything but a bluff anyway right? So who cares how much she though she had?

  32. I've definitely seen dudes taking up two seats on a subway, but not even taking my pressure sensitive organs into account, my legs just don't bend that way. The only way I can get my knees to touch without pushing them is to splay my feet out to the side and even then I can only hold it for a couple seconds. And I remember being a kid and my sister pushing on my knee to get the back of my knee to touch the other when crossing my legs, and her saying how weird I was and my dad said he had never been able to do it either. Elaine on seinfeld saying men are built like jeeps, boxy and rigid is definitely true for the men in my family.

  33. Never actually tried making my knees touch. 15 sec and both my legs are shaking.

  34. Okay that's actually a bit ridiculous. It is not a comfortable position and requires active effort to maintain since it is not the resting position of your legs but they should definitely not be shaking. How much do you walk?

  35. A normal amount I would say. Just under 10k steps daily maybe on avg. My legs are even quite muscular, I always had quite "thick" thighs though so I really have to push to even get them close.

  36. Trade package around Grant Williams and Payton Pritchard of course.

  37. A couple of month ago I wouldn't have traded JB for KD. But after seeing him hang out with Kyrie and Kanye this summer and him still acting his weird self I'm worried he will go the Kyrie route, both how he will act and wanting to "lead" his own team. I think I would prefer a JB trade for KD now not knowing if he will stay after his current contract.

  38. Legit thing you can and should do if you get sick on your vacation in Sweden. That means you get your vacation days back.

  39. Just google her name, uni, state and occupation and you can see it.

  40. A lot of teams went out and said said that they had seen the rule change. Only OG acted out about it.

  41. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they get a direct invite to one of the big events, like ESL, recently? In my opinion, hate messages are always wrong, and people who send them need to take a real hard look at themselves and try to change, but it does feel like Alliance as a team is taking up a spot that could be given to some other team that is doing better. I mean, the days of Navi and Alliance being powerhouses are long over; why are we still watching a team that consistently performs poorly getting invited to big events?

  42. Wow, dude. You think that using the word "but" to articulate two ideas means that the second justifies the first one? I don't think that's quite correct. I specifically said that hate messages are wrong and said people who send them need to change. I'm saying this as genuine advice aside from Dota: work on reading comprehension.

  43. It literally does in this scenario. If you don't agree with it you don't write a "but" then give a long paragraph why it's justify.

  44. Hilarious because Brutta in Swedish would be an attractive woman.

  45. No it’s not. That’s never been a requirement on any site I’ve played on. GG, Party, Stars, 888, Ladbrokes, Sky and Paradise(RIP). It only ever applies to sign up and deposit bonuses.

  46. Yes it is. I worked in the gambling industry for years and it's 100% a rule to prevent money laundering. Stop talking arguing about stuff you don't know anything about.

  47. I have personal experience of quick deposit and withdrawals on multiple sites, often to try them out and leave once I found the software sucks or other reasons. This is 100% absolutely not the case. I’m in the UK if that matters.

  48. Doesn't matter at all. You might have got it working for you a few times due to lack of oversight but it's still there. Sites will also let you do it if you ask them sometimes after they manually review it due to you making a mistake with your deposit etc.

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