1. Great. Now catch a few hundred more to gather candy to evolve it

  2. Someday. Maybe the 25th, maybe sometime in the future. Maybe it's happening now and we just don't know it.

  3. It's announced as a seasonal quest, so it's likely going to carry on through a lot of the season

  4. That's not really something you can teach, other than by guiding interactions between people as they develop

  5. It's like pandemic incense- about a spawn per minute even if stationary. No additional spawns for movement.

  6. In a practical sense, if someone wants to provide a dedicated charging circuit for an EV, there's not much sense in running thicker wires for higher current at a low voltage when you could just as easily run thinner conductors at a higher voltage to carry the same power. (Also copper is expensive. Using thicker gauge wire where it isn't necessary gets costly, quickly.)

  7. In the long run: keep one for each league (although it's not really common in great league), keep an extra shiny or few for trades, trash the rest.

  8. The end result is the same: the bonus is just a temporary +1 level (two power ups) addition.

  9. Hey I’m going to Vegas soon and was interested in an idea similar to this, how do places on the strip feel if I’m just carrying my own beer or my own flask?

  10. I carried a small portable cooler with a few bottles of soda and openly mixed drinks from an 16oz "flask" quite few times. Never got any comments.

  11. Had to pack light. I was flying in/out on Spirit and Frontier that trip and didn't want to pay for bags.

  12. I thought there were just two possible perfect cp's for a Pokemon

  13. Wild spawns can be anywhere between levels 1-30 (1-35 in weather boost), so there are 30/35 potential values for a 100% IV wild spawn

  14. Georgia will not legalize recreational marijuana until it is federally legalized. Even then, I am certain the (R)epugnants will fight tooth and nail to keep it illegal or highly marginalized.

  15. Or just pull an Alabama [liquor] move and slap a >50% tax on it.

  16. sorry if this is a dumb question, but do you happen to know why?

  17. The game is trying to tell you "the next part of this research will be released later"

  18. Effectiveness aside, this "pill" straight up looks like it's made of plastic. Not to mention it's fucking massive. Can't imagine actually trying to take this thing.

  19. A few products like these are a smaller pill in what essentially is a plastic carrying case. the outer shell isn't supposed to be consumed.

  20. The outer shell is a plastic case that isn't meant for consumption.

  21. The expectation is that many patrons will arrive in single occupancy vehicles.

  22. When I order through the Burger King app, all of my orders get coded as DoorDash when I go to pick them up. I’ve quit trying to explain to the workers that I don’t work for DD.

  23. Same for Wendy's. Surprising that neither chain took the effort to clearly indicate where an order comes from and where it's going on the screens/receipts.

  24. As of the mega update a year ago, mega history is cleared upon trading: the initial 400 cost to primal it would be required for the recipient.

  25. It's a deliberate time gate. Presumably they want to add something else themed for a later event, without resorting to something like PokeStop streak tasks.

  26. A huge focus on a long range public transit network with emphasis on keeping options open for future expansion

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