1. for me it didn’t take too long bc i hadn’t realized what happened to me was rape and i had convinced myself to i was crazy and had sex even when i felt uncomfortable

  2. This is a great story and I am really glad it got you thinking. but I think you need to see a counselor.

  3. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  4. It's not staged. This YouTube channel shows Koreans coming out to their families. Most of these conversations don't go well.

  5. watched the entire video and then scrolled after being left on a happy thought, to see a prolapsed ass hole

  6. Sexual assault is different from rape.. You're using two different terms here.

  7. holy fuck what is wrong with you? she tried to force anal sex on him, she attempted to RAPE HIM. he has every right to divorce her.

  8. i dont mean this to be disrespectful, but you talk about how you fear for your daughters growing up in a porn addicted world (which is built up on alot of misogyny and violence against women) and then say you want to cheat on your wife but cant bc you are afraid of contracting a std? those seem to conflict each other. have you tried speaking to your wife?

  9. the slob. i can’t remember the artists name but the entire time i felt completely disgusted but i couldn’t put it down.

  10. I remember your edit from tiktok!!! Loved it and added it to my Until Dawn folder when I saw it!

  11. if someone is that scared of an allegation he either 1. has fantasies abt SAing women and an accusation would just scare him 2. he already has.

  12. as a women, misandry is definitely real. just bc we get treated badly gives us no excuse to make everything about ourselves. men suffer too.

  13. i think the best option is to leave. even if you love him, some MAJOR resentment is gonna build up after awhile

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