1. Josie and Jun😀 don’t @ me

  2. Teammates who runs in like Rambo and dies then expects us to go get his banner while he’s aggressively spamming the X button like the enemy team isn’t camping his box

  3. I hope some people know that faide just trolls a lot when he plays but he’s an overall good player to watch I enjoy his content and the screams make it better apex is definitely an horror game

  4. Gumball and Darwin have been the most requested characters from what I know also mordecai and rigby

  5. Game has yet to fix no Regs and audio but keep adding other stuff

  6. This is why we need map preferences tbh

  7. This happens because someone either raged quit or servers

  8. That first vanish was very risky next time empty vanish and go for mix try to keep him in the Corner

  9. Tbf its a pvp game, no shit people are gonna be salty

  10. You right it’s just you don’t usually expect people to get salty for like outsmarting or outplaying your opponents

  11. It might be the way u play. For example I played as a rep 12 raider against a rep 22 Zhanhu and he emote spam me after he won a round in ranked duals so I abused hyper armor because he dashes all the time. After I won the match he cussed me out saying I was trash and other crap for using hyper armor.

  12. 😹😹he just needs to get better but I don’t think I play in anyway that would like annoy someone you know what I mean ? I’m like going for reads and mind games

  13. All of these sound reasonable. Happy for WW buffs, she desperately needs them

  14. It’s crazy because Wonder Woman is so balanced that she’s bad lol so buffs are definitely needed

  15. Yeah, overall she a balanced character, but everyone else is so crazy that she's lackluster in comparison

  16. I feel like she should have something uniquely broken like any other character in the game she’s too weak in a sense

  17. I feel like a lot of the moves you can just spam should have a cool down kinda like smash with diff smash attacks and being negative after whiffing them Finn players literally don’t care bout ur enjoyment of the game at all 💀

  18. Well I was behind him and still got grabbed so ha get on my level 😎

  19. Aye man who told you mix and wiggity wash the cpu with greatest of ease lol fr tho this is godlike

  20. I appreciate the advice I also have a bunch of hours in the game I’m level 305

  21. Nah nah you didn’t offend me you’re fine lol it’s just I’ve made it to Diamond last season on a alternate account because of a ban I had and A lot of people were like aggressive and it was fun minus watching teammates rat for the whole game

  22. if he would’ve round start flipped. that would’ve been a character 😭😭😭😭

  23. Ahan ( A ) , kefla (b) , trunks( b)

  24. It’s ok bro 🥹we’ll pull through this together

  25. Does that mean you’ll go to couples therapy with me?! 🥹🥹

  26. People are gonna accept us for who we are whether they like it or not

  27. I play him cuz he’s my fav character

  28. “Perfectly balanced as all things should be “

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