1. This. If I remember right my GF3’s lever moved too easily for my tastes too, and I made it stiffer by doing what’s suggested above.

  2. Apalachee Bay, south of Tallahassee. Was headed home from fishing and saw them.

  3. Several times they clearly raised their heads up out of the water to look at me/the boat.

  4. Just off the mouth of Horn’s Creek, a little east of the lighthouse.

  5. Good rifle at a good price (for today anyway, a few years back they were much cheaper). And assuming it has a decent bore (not dark, and you can see good rifling all the way to the muzzle).

  6. The “To Pop” on the stock is mind blowing. What a piece of history to have along with the paperwork.

  7. Kills me to see the Bubba stock refinish.

  8. Understood. Still kills me. If this were mine I’d strip that shiny off (no sanding). Nice looking rifle.

  9. My son lives by himself in a sorta decent apartment in Lynn, works for TSA making $65k a year, doesn’t have any debt or credit cards. Seems to be doing fine. Graduated college in Florida with a criminology degree last year, worked part time as a stock boy at a grocery store all 4 years of college. We helped him out some (car, insurance, phone) while in college but he had his own apartment in college. Up and moved to the entry level job at Logan International, no relatives or connections in Mass. We helped him move his furniture etc. up there. He doesn’t really go out, doesn’t have a girlfriend or any expensive hobbies. That’s all I know about living in the Boston area.

  10. Well that’s what the middle handle is for, one person carry. The three handles simply give the option of two-person carry. These fellows clearly opted for the two-person carry for whatever reason.

  11. TIL. Never knew that, and never thought about why they had three handles.

  12. That looks just like the wood on my Euroarms Enfield Musketoon.

  13. Why do so people scrape the absolute bottom of the barrel and then stunt like they made a good move 😂😩 why not just spend a nominal amount more on a quality piece? I understand not being able to afford the good stuff, so something is better than nothing, but seriously… You don’t come off like a broke ass 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. I thought Century AK’s with the cast trunions were the worst, and Riley Defense AK’s were second worst. I also see people trash Zastavas here all of the time, and lately, KUSA. It’s hard to keep track of what

  15. I shoot skeet and hunt ducks with a Saiga-12 that’s been modded to AK configuration (pistol grip, side folding stock etc.) and is an SBS with a 14” barrel. My Fuddish buddy HATES it. But I’m just as successful with it as he is with his Bennelli. Which he hates even worse.

  16. I also wonder if the deeper you dig into the bottom, if there’s still gold in that dirt. Like how far down is the bedrock? With all the motion from the sea over thousands of years you’d think there wouldn’t be much gold on the surface, but that it would all be laying on bedrock.

  17. The one on the left is an M1A1 which was simplified for faster production (eg. losing the compensator). The one on the right is the earlier M1928A1.

  18. I’ve found bifacial stone tools in the Florida panhandle made from that same brown fossil-laden chert. I’ve also found them made from fossilized coral. Whatever workable material was available was utilized.

  19. Talon is your best bet. The huge benefit with them is that they have great training programs and a huge selection of different handguns you can try out. Everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable.

  20. High rises, houses, and various structures have been built right up to the ocean’s edge of pretty much the entire state since at least the 1960’s. I have yet to see buildings and houses abandoned due to seawater flooding the ground floors.

  21. Weren’t all SVT bolts/bolt carriers originally silver? I think so. I think blued ones got that way in refurb/modification programs.

  22. If you have any doubt, pull the bullet out of one and look down into the base of the case and see if it has one big primer vent hole in the middle, or two small holes either side of the middle. If it has two small holes, that’s Berdan priming and it’s definitely corrosive Chicom counterfeit.

  23. That’s considered murder? You should see how I trim mine.

  24. Lots of people saying “why would he break up with her on a plane?” I’m guessing that he just could not take one more second of being with her. Plane or no plane, he had to pull the plug NOW.

  25. Nacreous clouds. Produced by water vapour getting blown into the stratosphere, where it crystallizes into needles oriented vertically like the prisms of a chandelier. Usually follows violently windy spells.

  26. Came here to say nacreous, had to scroll all the way to the bottom. Perfect example of nacreous clouds.

  27. It was a group of nazis who are currently out spreading an anti-Semitic message under the thin guise of being Kanye fans.

  28. Oh, OK. I definitely get it then. They should have just said that in the article.

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