1. I’m down for DE only thing is I haven’t done it since it came out and I forgot 😂

  2. I’ll send one over I still have 2 left

  3. It’ll be there soon ong 🙏🏽I got some music there rn too

  4. Your vibe is godlike mate, seem like you'd make a boss smoke buddy lol

  5. I’ll link you when I drop it it’s still unreleased

  6. Nah I don't rap over others people rap and call it my own

  7. So is “my” verse trash or is it someone else’s I’m very confused

  8. People saying to change your water ain’t never just smoke like 10 snappers in a day and wait until you finish finish to change it lol. Clean rips to start the day, muddy rips to put me to bed.

  9. LMFAOOO this the only look-a-like I claim

  10. Just wondering how long does it take to build up the tolerance to take hits like that cus I’ve been smoking for like over a year and still can’t rip shit 😂

  11. Tbh it’s been since like jr year so like 5 -6 years

  12. Gotta marinate it for a second or 2 😂😂

  13. It’s all the same. Load it up, heat it until it starts bubbling/boiling, once you see the wax climb the walls it’s go time! I always have my cap on while heating.

  14. What would work best for u until u get the timing down is doing cold dabs where u load ur concentrate in the banger cold and slowly flame kiss it for about 5 seconds on each side throw the cap on I it's milking slowly ur on the right track u can add heat or not depending on how hot it's getting.. and is ur banger full of pearls or is that just needing a good cleaning... That's the other thing cleaning the banger literally shouldn't take u but a few seconds.. when ur dab is done use a dry qtip first and wipe out as much residue as possible then come behind with a alcohol qtip and that's it bro shouldn't be a headache.. another lil tip is get 2 or 3 terp pearls they add heated surface area to the banger to get better hits.. sorry for writing a book.. just want u to get the best experience bc I know myself had issues when I started and almost made me say fuck it but now I'm so happy I didn't I save so much money on dabs now especially cold starting

  15. Bet man I appreciate it I knew I was running through my wax a lil too quick 💀 good looks my man

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