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  1. Kanye is trying to get out of all his brand contracts or insane or both you call it

  2. No no no internet justice, we do it backwards here

  3. Sorry I’m a normal gay person, homophobe. Trans people are gay but mentally Ill. I’m just a man who happens to be gay it’s not my personality.

  4. This is clearly against rule 4 of this subreddit. Mods please delete this.

  5. That’s life buddy, it’s over in a flash does that scare you so much you have to cry to mods

  6. This is why I spend so much time in my head. I hate the world around me sometimes. The land of imagination is much better than reality.

  7. Trumps an idiot and Biden drove us into the ground both sides are vultures trying to take away your rights

  8. Gore videos are disgusting and terrible and pointless, I'm more of a robbers getting shot to death by armed civilian kinda guy (You can actually learn from them and become situationally aware)

  9. 🤨 the meat industry isn’t pointless you are correct, I would be a weak twink if I didn’t get my protein

  10. Finally someone who doesn’t carry a whole military kit on their waistband.

  11. now spray paint some purple on that bad boy and call it the Glock 19x P&J

  12. I do this but I know how to put together a box unlike some idiots

  13. Criminals notice. And criminals will ambush you to get your gun if they notice it and figure that you did not notice them.

  14. Blue lives matter is for bootlickers who support police that enforce unconstitutional laws

  15. Easy just answer every question truthfully they will know if your lying about something other than that its a fast and easy process

  16. Don’t be like that guy who told them they had a negligent discharge 5 years ago in blm land

  17. Ted, America is not the only place in the world where people are afflicted by mental illness. It IS the only place where mass shootings happen regularly, because of the ability for people to quickly and easily acquire weapons that allow them to kill lots of people quickly. Mass shooters are not typically going through lots of hoops - they are quickly and easily purchasing weapons they can kill schoolchildren with, because they are essentially committing suicide but taking others with them. There's not much evidence to support the idea they would go out and find ways to get illegal weapons that would be able to do the same thing.

  18. Banning guns will just make the mass shooters learn how to 3d print firearms which isn’t very hard why should I be left defenseless while they still harm people I just moved to Stockton for god sake, I’m not very rich to live behind a gated community, if I could travel back to the 1800s and stop the mass production of firearms I would cause that would mean America wouldn’t have a large influx of firearms but unfortunately I can’t so im gonna defend myself against insane people, I understand where you guys are coming from but I honestly don’t want to be left defenseless especially where I am currently living. I hope you can understand

  19. Ted. I love you. You do not need these weapons to defend yourself. You will never be in a situation where these weapons were they only way to survive. There was a shooting on my street last week - I also can’t afford to live in a gated community. But owning an AR-15 or whatever isn’t remotely necessary for me to protect myself. And it’s not for you either.

  20. Am i the only one who thinks gen 3's look better than gen 4 and 5's?

  21. "I'm one of those people who think guns are evil, and my irrelevant opinion is that if they just let the robber take the money, then they would all realize they have more in common than difference. Then all three of these new best friends would ride a unicorn over a rainbow to candy mountain and eat gumdrops while they solve all the world's problems."

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