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  1. I had a game with Austria where I expanded my economy very quickly. Not even 20 years in and everybody was importing even iron and tools, in the thousands. And if I needed anything, I couldn’t import more than 10 at a time. Crazy how lacking the AI is, will surely have to check that AI mod out

  2. I was playing as Grand Columbia and got annoyed that none of south America developed any of their possible resources, so I switched to every other country in the region while paused, added different resources to the building queue, then switched back. It actually worked great

  3. Oh I didn't, I just conquered Venezuela immediately lol

  4. There isn’t an easy alternative name, because there was no unified way of looking at an Indigenous (North) American people or continent in the 19th century (at least among themselves). The closest thing since is the idea of “Turtle Island”, but that only became popularized in the 60’s and 70’s.

  5. Most tribes adopted democratic-republican forms of government with constitutions in order to attempt to deal with the early US as sovereign nations in the early 1800s. Does victoria 3 have a good way of portraying confederations of nations? Might take some cues from how uniting Germany works maybe?

  6. Marx was actually influenced by the commune i believe not necesarily the other way around(i did no effort looking into this again so im not the perfect source)

  7. The main ideological currents in the Paris Commune were the babeufists/blanquists, the libertarian collectivists, and a few other "red" democratic-republican groups. More marginal in number but important in influence and legacy were the feminists, mutualists, and bakuninists. Marx was influential in the commune to the degree that he had influence in the International Workingmen's Association which was influential among the commune's leadership. He was equal parts inspired and critical of the commune. The main thing that changed was his new insistence that the proletariat could not take over governing institutions as they exist in "bourgeois society" but must instead destroy them and form their own. This marks a change of Marx (and many socialists/communists/anarchists of the period) from supporting a democratic republic or a federal republic as a form of government to advocating what might be called communal democracy or a council republic.

  8. Yeah he should've gone with the public library instead, THAT'S when socialism

  9. What do these people think the "critical" in critical support is supposed to mean?

  10. Was Baudrillard explicitly anti-marxist or was he just disenchanted with the French communist party and basically gave up on it to focus on other things? I haven't read him enough

  11. Any chance you could drop a link to the fanfic? I’d love to read it !

  12. I haven't released anything yet! I like to get a few chapters ahead before I start posting and I'm only just about to finish Chapter 2

  13. I don't know if they actually do require plastic. Plastic is just what's commonly used because it's cheap.

  14. Plastic is necessary for protecting wires that move electricity in solar panels and wind turbines. And like most consumer electronics. Metal shielding is an alternative but it's a lot more likely to kill the current if it touches the current-carrying (usually copper) wire. I installed cable for awhile so I know a bit about that. The metallic braided shield contacting the copper was often why I had to throw out cables. Idk if that would work with how thin cables need to be in wind turbines and solar panels.

  15. Read all 58 Dev Diaries. And read the cliffs notes on Adam Smith's the invisible hand.

  16. I have read Wealth of Nations, although I should probably read Ricardo's Principles of Political Economy and Taxation too. Then I can complain that the devs made the game too substantialist in its economic simulation

  17. This guy seems smart, I wonder what other books he put out

  18. Want to date your voice, use vocal fry. I strongly suggest aiming for an ageless and dateless vocal quality. While you are up to this highly specialized goal, I also hope you are developing your core and breath technique and working on your posture, etc. I mention that because I picked up vocal fry subconsciously and have a very minor career in broadcasting, I think I sound much more distinctive with my real voice.

  19. I'm a classically trained bass singer and as a result, my ability to widen my vocal range and lessen my resonance is going to be limited when I am trying to voice train for a more feminine voice. I figure vocal fry will keep my voice from being too monotone within the small range I will have access to while sounding feminine.

  20. After I left my comment I thought of someone else who has a lower range voice that might be worth checking out for experimental purposes — Lea Thau of the Strangers podcast.

  21. When the CPUSA called the WWP ultraleftists, I didn't know that meant they taught their members Duave

  22. You bordigo-trotskyite ultraleft right opportunist chauvinist pabloist blanquist anarchist authoritarian wrecker!

  23. Imagine this sub but for Christians, shitting on people for not reading Tobit 4 or some shit

  24. every few years, someone recreates Proudhon and is so impressed with themselves


  26. According to the thought of Comrade LaRouche, Comrade Marcy, and Comrade Maupin, Roosevelt was a based class traitor who facilitated a popular front against fascism and helped nationalize productive forces which makes him facilitating the first stage of socialism and therefore AES

  27. While it doesnt go into detail about human evolution, Guns, Germs, and Steel covers a lot about human migration and colonization.

  28. IMO that book kinda sucks. Makes some good arguments for the "germs" part in the title, but everything else is sorely lacking and all the books on the Incan Empire I've read go out of their way to trash talk that book.

  29. I think youre going to run into the problem that the field of human evolution and migration has gone through tons of changes recently and I'm not sure how much of it has trickled down into literature for beginners. As a beginner, you might be better off with looking for interviews and talks given by people in the field as well as podcasts. I personally really enjoyed the podcast Tides of History that had a season on early human migration. I enjoy Chris Stinger's lectures and interviews on youtube as well.

  30. Horrible things happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the alternative was much worse.

  31. The Japanese were going to surrender once the soviets declared war on them. they were trying to hold out for a better deal. The US dropped the bombs to prevent the soviets from having leverage in surrender negotiations with japan, not to avoid a ground conflict that was never going to happen anyway.

  32. A Japanese communist government would kill and repress millions more. Nukes were not a good option, but the best one.

  33. a japanese communist government is not what would have happened lol. it would have been the soviets taking territory back from the japanese from Russia's previous war with them as well as several key ports along the east Asian coast, and an independent Korea. at the time, the Korean communist party were heroes against Japan and handily won elections, which is why the US didnt want a pure democracy in korea but they also didnt want imperial Japan to keep its colonies (the surrender condition that Japan wanted from the US) partially because of Japan's gross human rights violations there and partially because it would give Japan more leverage in pacific trade routes which the US needed to secure economic hegemony in South Asia and Australia. Stalin was certainly an evil guy but you seem to have a cartoon understanding of the USSR lol.

  34. I don't know because I can barely fucking see anything in this image

  35. i made the image small so that ppl in colonized countries can see it on old computers with more ease, imperial dog.

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