1. Did you take the management option or no???? Congrats btw!

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, what was your grade 11 functions mark?

  3. my school told us to drop any courses before november 17 because that’s the day where they send out marks to ouac

  4. we're both in gr11 so i dont think anything goes over to ouac (yet) lol

  5. ah i see the mark that’s gonna show on your transcript is only your final mark, but if you’re thinking of retaking the course i believe it shows the attempt with the highest grade

  6. Depends what uni- at least mac, ryerson, and York require one science

  7. guys don’t feel super bad by seeing other people’s high marks because honestly mid terms doesn’t even matter at all for uni, they real thing they’re looking at is really just ur final for semester 1 so don’t be stressed

  8. I dont think it looks bad at all, shows a clear style with a nice color palette. There are probably things you could do to make the composition. I think you should keep experimenting with crayons :)

  9. Do enough practice so when you're doing the questions it is second nature. From there, your scores will help your confidence.

  10. I suggest you ask your guidance counsellor to switch out of their class. but if you can’t just honestly try your best, grade 11 marks doesn’t affect you in anyway when applying for university next year

  11. i was disappointed too but its not necessarily a bad thing; many unis inflated the cut off to get in during the previous years and the cut off from the 2022 year will probably decrease considering the fact that grade inflation most likely wont exist anymore, making our chances to get accepted more possible

  12. that made me feel a lot better but still having the thoughts of doing exams after so many years still sucks lmao

  13. not at all as long as you have all your prereqs! i had 2 spares in gr 12 as well and had no problem getting into the universities i applied to

  14. no worries, those spares will be very useful :)

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