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  1. We like to criticize, but never hold anyone accountable for bad mistakes like…I don’t know…hiring James Corden in the first place. Who thought that was a good idea?

  2. The only thing that will save Mississippi is education. Like, real education. The kind that empowers and creates genuine confidence. These poor kids grow up with no reason to believe they’re anything other than less-than, and no one in any of those embarrassingly segregated communities has the heart and the know how to help them be anything else. Some have one, some have the other. No one seems to have both.

  3. They will if the voting population manages to somehow be less disgusting than they are.

  4. The percentage of people in this thread making comments without realizing the person bought 459 mangoes is staggering. Like, probably 45.9% or so.

  5. Can the age be based on how old you have to be to need social media to keep up with friends? Like, eighty or so?

  6. She’s an awful troll, but based on the article, she’s clearly praying for him to be impeached or voted out. They’re bad enough without making shit up about them.

  7. Stop, that passage she cited is crystal clear of what it's about. She cited Psalms 109:8 and the very next line is literally "May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow."

  8. Okay. No, that’s right. I’m sold; she’s still an evil gremlin. Retracted.

  9. Sam Smith blows and pop music is nothing but played out shock value at this point. The most offensive element of this is that anyone is watching it in the first place.

  10. I’d just, like, remember the songs, play the ones I can play, and find some talented musicians to sell them to. Like that move about The Beatles not existing.

  11. I’m sorry. I can’t agree with anything you said. It is perfectly okay for a film to end sadly or bittersweetly. Those endings feel more real and connect you more firmly with other actual humans. Characters can grow and still fail.

  12. What he’s saying is bad enough. Can we just let them be awful on their own terms without calling it genocide? Maya Angelou’s quote isn’t “When someone shows you who they are, say they’re even worse than that.”

  13. These guys always rule. More this and less “Pablo Honey isn’t that bad.”

  14. Beat on the brat. Beat on the brat. Beat on the brat with a baseball bat. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. O-ho.

  15. Well everyone in this subreddit seems to think that just because it’s popular it’s overrated

  16. Big fan—love every record he’s ever put out for different reasons, just like RH.

  17. This is such a hot take that we see it fourteen times a day. Hot takes selling like hot cakes.

  18. I didn’t say it’s not his tools. I said the approach of the hitters has a huge impact. And Ryan threw 100+ with a devastating curve.

  19. You’re right, though. My sweet boy and charismatic Strokes fan obviously has VERY electric stuff, but batters are striking out twice in the same AB these days. Nolan Ryan’s still overrated, though.

  20. 1: Person wastes a whole lot of time finding seven possibly questionable stat decisions and grafts a fake motive onto it 2: World explodes 3: Conspiracy debunked 4: Half of

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