1. What skills are you focusing on? For a knight, I would assume One-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, and maybe some kind of support magic. Restoration would be good. Conjuration helps melee fighters (you get some of the pressure taken off when you are outnumbered, and have tools to deal with ranged attacks), but isn't really "knightly," so bring a follower if you want similar support.

  2. Thank you verry much for this answer now i have a base to work from One more question do the Block perks work with the two handed Block or only with shield.

  3. Deflect Arrows and Elemental Protection only work with shields. Other Block perks work with either a weapon or a shield.

  4. Destruction magic's fine, just don't go burning down any buildings.

  5. Don't blast through quests. Take your time. Explore. Hell, I wouldn't even recommend using carriages to get to cities. The world has so many random encounters that you can find if you just walk around Skyrim.

  6. I think it's just bad voice acting, especially if you play as a Khajiit or Orc. Your character may be saying "Fus," not "oof." Others have made the same comparison to the Roblox oof.

  7. To be cleared in the game, a location must have the "Clearable" flag, have an enemy marked as a boss, and upon defeating said boss the game must make a call to SetCleared() to set it as cleared. Arkngthamz has the flag, but not the boss or the call.

  8. 40% is the highest you can find/purchase

  9. A certain strain of DPS worker seems really, really obsessed with nailing middle-class white families for neglect over trivial nonsense.

  10. I'm glad that comment is being called out for its obvious dog whistles but I'm more than a little upset that it has as many upvotes as it does.

  11. Me too. The article implies the family (race not specified - names were changed and the photo is a stock photo of children walking) was treated unjustly, and commenter goes straight to, I bet they were middle class whites and the DPS worker was a woman of color! Claiming "It's almost always the same pattern" with zero justification. And gets upvoted.

  12. If you attack one, does the other get hostile?

  13. I am partial to Blackguard/Linwe's Armor

  14. It does say forever. After all, you are the Listener and hear the Night Mother's voice. In the back of your head, constantly reminding you that you serve Sithis. You did not ask for this blessing, you were chosen. Perhaps the Unholy Matron saw something in your soul, something black, that calls to the Void. You try to focus on other things, other quests, but it keeps appearing in your journal, telling you over and over again: You must kill.

  15. Yes, this is a known glitch. This can happen with any two identical weapons with identical enchantments and different names. To fix - if you enchanted them with two effects, reverse the order on one of them. Or, try making one a different magnitude. Their enchantments should differ, even if just slightly.

  16. Ah, I see. So it's an issue with same enchantment. I haven't learned Extra Effects yet, until then I'll just try to find another Daedra people.

  17. The enchantments must differ if the weapons are identical. I think you could also improve one at a grindstone, slightly more than the other, so their damages are different - then you could put the same enchantment on them, because the weapons are different. You just can't have the name be the only thing different about them.

  18. If you have a ton of save files, delete some. The game can only keep track of so many, even if you have space for more.

  19. This is a known glitch and can happen with almost any bookshelf. Yes, the books are at risk. Some may randomly vanish forever. To protect your important books, save before accessing a bookshelf as a container (just activating individual displayed books to read or take them is fine). After accessing the bookshelf, ensure all books are properly displayed before saving again. Do not go over bookshelf display capacity (usually 11 or 18 books).

  20. So I took off all the books before doing so, but I did end up saving after realizing the issue.

  21. No, there is no way to fix a gliched bookshelf that I know of. Note that this is not specifically a capacity glitch, that's just a sign of the presence of the glitch. This is a glitch where the bookshelf may contain some books which are not displayed, and the books which are not displayed may disappear from the bookshelf container. Even bookshelves at or below display capacity can glitch and fail to display some books. As the other commenter mentioned having a full bookshelf (not over capacity), but for some reason only three books displayed, the rest vanished. Sometimes I'll put 8 books in a glitched 11-capacity bookshelf, but only 6 or 7 will display and the non-displaying book(s) will usually disappear. Not all bookshelves with this glitch will allow you to go over display capacity. But, the bookshelves that allow you to go over display capacity (such as yours) are always vulnerable to this glitch. At least you discovered it without losing books.

  22. Forsworn. Also Savior's Hide, Ancient Nord Armor

  23. Yeah,poor guy erik, left the farm to be a adventurer, ended up being a farmer again.

  24. To be fair, my front yard sees more action in a week than the Frostfruit Inn does all year

  25. How do you get through the gates at Ustengrav without whirlwind sprint?

  26. You can break the sequence of the main questline (not recommended) by going over the wall at the Thalmor Embassy, skipping Ustengrav entirely.

  27. Read an Elder Scroll, if you have one. Works with the Sun or Blood Elder Scrolls (from Dawnguard questline). It will dispel all currently active magic effects.

  28. Tbh I am only here because I know Elon hates it (Streisand Effect). If he stopped talking about it, I would probably tire of paying attention to his flights in a matter of weeks if not days. Flight schedules are kinda boring. But pissing off a billionaire is entertaining.

  29. You can sacrifice one to Boethiah

  30. Then we have to deal with the increase in crime in those areas in 2 decades.

  31. Private prisons will profit from the increase in crime in those areas in 2 decades (with taxpayers footing the bill). Funnelling more money to the wealthy.

  32. The human heart & human flesh are very rare alchemy ingredients, so as an alchemist I for one am glad Maven has someone assassinated every 10 days or so. I pickpocket her personal key to avoid having to repeatedly pick the master-level lock, and loot her murder room every time I visit Riften.

  33. The entire College of Winterhold questline can be done

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