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  1. You mean from being around them or doing them yourself?

  2. Ever heard the term "passive smoker" anything you inhale goes into your system, however it was most likely negligible and you should not have to worry about any kind of damage or effect unless you felt high at the moment.

  3. They were poppers, someone probably did them right behind me or smthing

  4. Not really familiar with those, but a quick look at the FDA site says they're caustic, meaning the biggest risk is direct harm and burning of the respiratory system, and specifically warns about ingestion and skin contact, so if you feel fine you will be fine, the harmful effects are more immediate.

  5. Humble brag means bragging but framed as if it wasn't that big of a deal, like saying "oh I can only bench 300 pounds but I'm still training." Or "my Japanese is not that good, I'm a bit better at the other 7 languages I speak"

  6. Obviously Elon kept the guy who processes twits and writes them as html into the site since that's the only way a server can run.

  7. I mean, those people absolutely exist, same as aphants (cannot visualize, or have limited visual imagination) but those percentages are way too high.

  8. The thing with aphantasia is that most people never questioned how others think differently to themselves, so we actually don't have a clue how common/uncommon either is and also it seems to be a spectrum.

  9. Isn't that illegal? I'm trying to make video game characters.

  10. Check the license of the software, it changes program to program and project to project, though there's almost never any issue for personal projects (that earn less than a million dollars USD.)

  11. This is the most honest answer but it’s necessary to succeed. If you’re a beginner, don’t make a full organic model a goal too soon because you’ll burn yourself out trying to make something rather than learn the tools to create it. A solid foundation in the skills and tools that build up to a model is essential, which comes with practice on simpler objects over time. If you haven’t done the donut tutorial I would start there, you’ll learn about basics of topology and the issues that can, and will arise and how to solve them. Beyond that I would recommend you gradually progress in knowledge of basic topology and UV editing of low poly objects. Good luck!

  12. My personal experience disagrees, however I will say it took me a bit over a year and was never quite happy with the results, so even in exceptions there is quite a bit of true to this.

  13. They didn’t say homophobic slurs. They said “culero” which means asshole.

  14. I did it a few times, never really worked for me, I learned the language on the device but it's less and less useful than I originally thought.

  15. With content moderation basically absent people are already posting full movies. Seems like only a matter of time before its used to host... much worse things en-masse.

  16. Allegedly (because I'm not getting into an FBI list by looking it up) there's some hashtags, that have been up for quite some time, about kids who "like grown ups" and of course it gets attention from said "grown ups".

  17. It's happened from time to time, but in the end I thought it was cool to be able to speak it so I just study for language's sake.

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