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  1. Pearl Harbor 2.0 will not save the Laker’s post season prospects.

  2. Delete this. That’s pretty racist.

  3. Holy moly. This hot take burning my ass more than when I eat Taco Bell.

  4. You’re literally on Reddit tf. 🤦‍♂️

  5. He looks like a scared little bitch. Very beta of him.

  6. I pour the milk in my bowl before adding the cereal and even I know this is a bad idea.

  7. The song with the least votes wins the poll. Congratulations, you played yourselves. 😳😲😏

  8. A song can be bad. Not everything is underrated.

  9. I guess I forgot to put “/s”at the end of my sentence.

  10. Im not transphobe or homophobe. I just think their style is ugly. The whole clown makeup and all is just no. Feel free to downvote me though…

  11. I get it. But, the simlish version of Pressure from sims 2 got me into Paramore LOL

  12. Alright. Paging the mods to come ban this guy.

  13. Taking into consideration that All the Small Things, First Date, and The Rock Show were written to take the piss out of their record label / manager wanting a "hit single" from them on Enema and then again TOYPAJ, I don't think Small Things is the worst of the three.

  14. Imagine going to one of their shows and the last song they play is The Rock Show, that would seriously make me drive home angry.

  15. Hot take, Edging. All the Small Things is iconic and has a lot of merits. I'm just an Edging hater though. Another hot take can be Cynical, gets a ton of praise which I agree with, there are several songs on standard California of the same or of superior quality.

  16. Honestly don’t like Edging all that much but somehow I just keep hearing it in my head lol.

  17. I'll have to go with Numb. It is a good song and that's it. At first I just did not like it, it just grew on me, but why is it so loved? I don't know. At least I understand why In The End was such a hit (I don't like it, though), but Numb is beyond my comprehension.

  18. I’m salty at Numb for the fact that it completely over shadowed Somewhere I Belong when they both were singles at the time.

  19. In the end. Because non lp fans are like “oh yeah those guys who did In The End!” Or “oh yeah that’s that Linkin park guys what are they up to? They are still around?”

  20. Yep. My roommate who only knows that one song from LP. 🙄

  21. I disagree for the simple fact that USDA certified LEAN, I’M THE MAAAN is one of Brandon’s best lines.

  22. What does everyone have against somebody told me? It's a goat song

  23. I literally have no idea what Somebody Told Me is about. I feel like they wrote it just to have a radio hit.

  24. This sub thinks it’s their best song. I disagree, not even in the top half. I’ll take my downvotes now.

  25. Yes but 7th is half a day compared to the 6 other days.

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