1. No one is. Spending large quantities of money in a single game that someday you might stop playing is not good. But radiant crisis is indeed better

  2. They probably have a penalty for leaving too many times, so they can't leave without risking a ban

  3. Yeah once i found a kiriko that was escalating a wall in a corner in push once we started losing when we asked him why he said that he had quited a lot and didn't want a ban

  4. There's a guy playing it hope he haves a lot of fun

  5. With that many dots dude might as well say it in morse code

  6. I've done it the fisrt you can do with a robo monkey and the second tier i selled everything and put a spirit of the forest

  7. It's a camo watermelon being skinned and de-camoed at the same time

  8. If you get the tack zone after primary immunity, you’ll be fine for the first tier, after that Bloon Solver works well.

  9. Torb, his turret it is just so ridiculous i will be fighting three people at the same time to die to a turret on the other side of the map

  10. A preferência na situação seria suicídio porém não se sabe quantas coisa piores que a morte podem ser obtidas ao ebcostar em um destes armamentos então uma morte gloriosa em campo de batalha lutando com apebas as próprias mãos seria uma escolha preferível

  11. Obviously with my good old man zote, nobody can resist not sitting with zote and hearing one of his brave historys or his beatiful presets

  12. Although I have like 300h+ I'm still kinda new to some aspects of the game.

  13. If you have every single crosspath insta it will have a black border in the instas screen and not many prople have it so it is cool getting a new crosspath or just a good insta.

  14. Bro i tried to scroll like 8 times😭 *dies in excess of trolling💀

  15. Lol really cool love to see new people from youtube here

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