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  1. Aquele ali do lado da estação? Na frente do terminal?

  2. O velhinho do “GPS Manual” vendendo mapa na liberdade.

  3. Sim. Mas não adianta nada se essas pessoas usarem máscara somente no ônibus entende? Ou usa em todos os lugares ou não está protegido. Não existe coronavirus só no transporte público. O que vinha acontecendo é que as pessoas colocavam a máscara para entrar no metrô e tiravam logo em seguida pra sair na rua cheia de gente. Qual sentido isso tinha?

  4. Disseminação em lugares fechados sem troca de ar?

  5. If I get an untainted paradise inside the lake, does the difficulty increases exp?

  6. Yup. Base exp is 1000%, each level of difficulty adds 100%

  7. wait so im suppose to save all the 3 silver/gold mark things for the very end of the lake? Since those are suppose to be the more juiced versions of normal ones i think? Might have to give it a try but still dosent feel good if it takes like 15-20 maps to get 3 tablets and then avging 1 divine between 2-3 tablets

  8. Yeah...what I usually do to speed this up, whenever I see the silver/gold I just pick it and put as far as possible and then keep the first slates free so I can shift my entrance

  9. wait so you use use gold/silver slates closer to entrance right?

  10. It is true. For about three leagues now I've been cycling between Invitations/Maven and Tujen target farming, so I dont get to see raw drops.

  11. Thats the thing though, everybody is going bonkers about raw divine/exalted drops, but most of the wealth isn't made by raw drops...

  12. Not taking shots or anything, but sometimes I wonder how are you farming exactly? Like, is everybody just expecting to drop a divine by x level mark?

  13. I would recommend Lance to start with. It is an absolute immovable beast of its own and by the time you get good with it, you’ll know most of the monsters attacks.

  14. Most people say its optional, but the number of times I see people running at the monsters without grabbing them and then insta-carting tells me otherwise.

  15. It's just kinda interesting that they add the Rainbow Spiribird for most (if not every) arena type quests.

  16. Hi, I’m a new player and I’ve been following a guide for beginners/w13 team. It seems that I’ve met the minimum requirements to full auto it, but my team has about 10% success rate.

  17. Opened the challenge tab, read a few of them and said out loud “Jesus christ, I guess I’ll skip them”.

  18. pick a map with a boss rush (city square is the classic example; park and cemetery also work, bonus for cemetery also having brother's stash as a drop). put eater influence on it (eater has a node that gives it more altar spawn chance vs exarch).

  19. Not sure if Im doing something wrong here, but in t14, sometimes 0 altars spawn…

  20. Could you share the strategy with me? Especially farming greater broke circles?

  21. You mean they didn't removed trickster mod and it can spawn on rares? Wow. Even in Archnemesis league I activated it only once.

  22. Yup, first time I saw one I spent about 10 min to kill it on Harvest. Also they were the Yellow Burrow one…

  23. I don’t get this either. In my opinion, it makes no sense that a lion, of all things, would hold him back. I know it’s fiction and all, but its super contrarian to what a lion represents.

  24. Thats kinda the point, he is even more bloodlusted than a lion.

  25. I have a nephew named Anfernee, and I know how mad he gets when I call him Anthony. Almost as mad as I get when I think about the fact that my sister named him Anfernee

  26. The most luxurious place in São Paulo is the Paris 6 restaurant chain

  27. I feel like that scene taught me something too, I was trying the 32 heat run, had 30 HP and no defiances… And I was allowed to pass…

  28. My god, I received my physical Atlas like three months ago and left it inside my desk drawer. Last week I was about to frame it, but I thought the dusting on my drawer had left stain marks on my Atlas, I even tried to powerwash it.

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