1. I feel as a fanboy if klutch imma give it straight,they r the best hands down but lately thou no punch or kick so I went with buckeye relief

  2. I get that things happen and cartridges can have issues that are totally normal. It's just kinda strange that I've seen so many people getting mold or in this case, the taste of it, in their Klutch products. Idk. Just an observation.

  3. Can someone here or before u complain or bitch or make false accusations have some evidence and not opened I mean we here have atleast gotten one product yeah well I’m a flower boy straight up and I’ve noticed a down grade in terps and percent and just all of it the delta just idk but it does taste same n look as well but maybe my tolerance is up it’s all I use rarely I go for buckeye relief baby whew but my god ppl sound like some lien ass haters man all seriousness I’m located in Ohio I go to the sunny side n chilli bowl bout only one n southern Ohio well Jackson and plenty n the city but again holy shit before I dare speak such wicked atrocious words I’d be backing it up with some type of evidence or plz hold ur tongue for it shld be cut off for lien or ur way way over reacting cuz ur telling me this one guy above me threw his Josh d klutch vape away lol maybe after he vaped of course..nice try hoss but the drive was to far I mean really do u smoke it,throw away,or try something else like um idky send e-mail do something but come a to a social platform behind false names n pics to become warriors that are sadly making this place sux wish we had some ground rule before like if u have a complaint can we c or nope if u did u could bitch n dog n hell even lie on whom ever but this is fucking sad I mean I’ve read for over three months nkthjng but bad I’ve had small nit picks who doesn’t but ong do y’all remb street weed or vapes so stop ur crying I’m mean yes we all work for that money done harder then others but it’s value shld be the same and if a company that pulls this shit more then so many times a ur shall be fined cuz we need it to be like alcohol truly and let’s ban that substance it’s pure wicked I mean other than some wine what’s it’s purpose and it’s not natural at all and if u dare say the ingredients yeah well all ingredients start from the earth smart ass let’s be real it’s made to make u drunk to paralyze and kill urself n brain truly every part of ur body suffers we have million place u can stop. By it u can go to a place whr others go n sit or stand hell dance n walk to drink this piss and if they pull h over right after well ur in luck that’s entrapment now wtf bet all of us once as kids sd why don’t they get pulled over why don’t the law sit out front n wait is the logical answer n all it does is take away and u can have a doc give u meds or even shoot n own a gun hhmm wonder how many people die just in one single yr from alcohol and guns man even our protecters the law enforcement agents do I’ve seen it lately n they get relocated how disgusting now how many ppl that smoke herb do this bet it’s like 2perc at the highest and it’s accidentally..now I’m down with treat it the same no driven no drinking n that’s same for smoking srry ppl and not in public yeah I’m done botching srry

  4. Y’all lie n complain to much most haven’t a damn clue what’s goin on and fyi before u do anything turn ur rec on then then open ur bag from dispensary then pull ur jar or baggie out don’t take cam off anything at all perfect rec yeah then show the product all round before opening then show seals r intact then open and go from there

  5. Never liked klutch. Always tasted off. Definitely prefer more organic tastes and bud structure

  6. Like who,u can’t bitch and leave it hang,read it again,I don’t like klutch I I like more natural and that’s it wtf u mean huh be specific plz damn j think ur just trolling I know I’d say why and who i prefer duh damn ur not helping anyone if anything ur comb off as a child

  7. Heat wave was weak asf imma stick with sherbhead n couple others orange 43was my shut but last two time headache I’ve had jealousy it’s ok real dark purple but kinda of a click bait name my opinion but I’m klutch boy first if u have the money if not buckeye relief is my runner they are amazing all shod be held to these two industries level n quality of flowers just we need ppl who love the program most r kids n don’t know shit I want to know y we r over Covid n now relaxed n hang but no show case nor can j c what I’m spending my GARD EARNING on it’s nasty n cruel shit like that will shut ur down one last thing stop throwing ur fucking trash down u don’t c liquor stores n such like this most of u don’t know what those companies pay n go threw the owners n managers shod be pissed

  8. How tf can thc be off the chart and the delta yet the tricomes is what matters is very very low yet the23perc or the average cuz ya know klutch rarely goes that low other then the pineapple is or has very very high tricomes.. odd.. concerns me

  9. I hope they read this truly..some of us r not new nor new to the game..seems Josh or klutch is insulting us .I pay too dollar for my show case buds not these smalls n trust me u can have a 18%show case and a35%smalls n bet anything the show case blows it out the water n btw thc means something but it's more of a price tag the higher the more u shall pay..but klutch is the shit...that ks for this I'm glad u did I refuse so now I'll cancel my order n stuck with KLUTCH only sadly I love Josh I think they just use his name n he gets royalties which he SGLD care it's his name on it and maybe he is doin this but I be damned u use my name idc aviut the money I do but I'm more in to integrity..right is right no reward..no promises no heaven just the rjght thing... again thanks

  10. Id DEFINITELY replace that certified greasy runtz w Woodward RNTZ. I thought the certified was like midz.

  11. Bro y'all tripping astral destiny REALLY..I'll be honest anything from galenas is fucking BEAUTIFUL yet I got NOTHING not even a wake n bake..I've had the white also pure sugar but nothing..I'm telling u klutch is number one n then buckeye relief and they're amazing on prices right now112+tax is120or 144+tax is154..for a half..fuck the streets..

  12. Ur tripping for klutch and buckeye relief are the best n Ohio n Woodward is trash anymore and over hyped.. straight up I've bn a four yr programer n all I buy is klutch and buckeye relief..hands down the best . anything from cresco is nasty n trash..im38ive smoked DAILY since I was14and I mean daily I run out of days I'm a heavy smoker I served in the corps so plz enlighten me who is better then my two champions..and which strains u think...now the pineapple stuff by anyone is trash blue berry trash..but what works for u may not for others..like this is a9for 10s don't exist for they're unicorns..so in a 1-10scale it's..well shit u may be right in the scale but Ong what's bttr..his dare u say that n nkt tell us who is bttr n which strain...ur teasing ppl

  13. Man u can't find these n southern Ohio n who wants to waste gas n time to hunt them down...finally saw jelly on me u but flew off greedy ppl 😂

  14. My mom actually told me that I needed to make the words more legible without having to zoom in, so I took the women’s advice and switched the format a little bit. So thank you mom! Hhah

  15. Sounds from ur words u have a wonderful and honest mother..hold her dear n tight..as I do she is all I've ever known or had .remb fools r jealous and when someone is gone..they don't come back..fyi all this whom tell momma boy..all that means is MA is number one n shld be...doesn't mean ur lazy or tit baby.. love her is all I'm saying..

  16. I've had their strains bout four times the last one was called the white and it was pure sugar ya know I liked it was astral destiny and I used as a wake n bake.... NOTHING serious all their strains are damn beautiful n smell tatse looks just I get nothing every single time yet klutch and buckeye relief always a home run Woodward psh naw over hyped over priced they won't tell u the terps well the numbers..we r not pull mills n me n u aren't pill heads...this program is off..I need help getting my30off for service also n I told doc yet idk do I get my discharge pprs then reach to my doc n have him load it n my file plz help

  17. Junk and WAY over priced..always dry too..sad cuz I was WAS a huge fan of GMO or whatever they call it now..sad truly...they was too dog for min but if it's not klutch or buckeye relief then I'm gewd..gelanes is always beautiful but trash remb all that shimmer is not gold 😉😉 and Woodward is over priced n trash now...klutch needs lower price or dispensary and man they would slay it..kinda like buckeye relief has been doing lately 112$/116$...but idc what strain it's always a guaranteed to be great to amazing..just chilli needs to get more selection for ur the top dog n southern Ohio..but fools work there..idiots n liars..I wish to ask something why all places will allow u to c what u wish to BUY yet chilli Sunnyside always says no we can't...so I have I HAVE to buy something just off the name n thc percentage..that's low n nasty or it's they lazy n don't want to walk..I swear n Columbus I can ask what's this look like..yet chilli I have to take their word n that's nothing for they lie and it's a OPINION..I've heard them deflect consumers from trees so they can buy later..idky I can't c the two I wish to buy ir rather I want one half oz n I'm stuck between these two can I c them n read the info..no..ok then I pick this one..get to window ok let me c or I'll be right back from the parkibg lot...

  18. The point is it does not belong in our schools! Why the hell do kids need to hear about LGBTQ shit from woke teachers? That never happened when we were in school.

  19. My son's can't go into a titty bar but but they can go to a drag show...now come on

  20. Now that's beautiful they must've found what they've been looking for..me to now 😂 no no klutch only here srry...if it's above23per it's probably over priced don't be a fool..check ur terps do research before u buy n not just one person opinion try twonor three different ppl n remb it's YOUR BODY N MONEY...n those places shld remb also n do their best

  21. Do understand what ur asking..u mean the parents then which phenotype did they pick..it's like us humans..I have full blooded brother and a sister yet I took more after my dad n his dad my sister took after our mothers mother and now which do u wish to clone or keep breading those kids to get those features..like k have brown hair brown eyes my sister has blonde hair and blue eyes..

  22. Most of us true smokers n lovers post all the info..plz...cuz I saw ppl asking the obvious...so u also ddn't know anything about it..plz let this be a learning lesson..thank u..just think how u would feel..

  23. Amen but shhh let the fools buy other ppls let the fools buy stuff higher then25perc...let the fools learn as we did...perc is price nothing else...means nothing..there's y'all's help...

  24. Review: Right out of the jar looks are amazing. I got one giant perfect nug surrounded by one popcorn nug. Aroma is an earthy garlic breath and it lingers far. This indica dominant strain has GMO and Mendo breath as it’s parents so it packs a heavy sedating/disorienting high that will have you looking out the window or at the pillow! Buckeye relief sneak peak so it’s one of their “new” strains. Picked it up for $30 at harvest in dayton.

  25. U know we could be Kool n tell ppl how u learn...it's called Google ppl..when I see a new strain n window shop I go investigate ya know...it's that easy .. nobody knows all this info like this or word of mouth...read ppl learn... Btw if u order through Sunnyside and u need to add or take away(subtract)items they will make u get out of ur place don't even DARE think ur slick n wait till window...cuz it is very rude and doesn't matter cuz they need a new ticket folks..so go to ur little 🛒 cart n bubble with face n click on face...then opt will come up go to support and cancel it's what do..swear on everything so trust me u have ONE HONEST person here..

  26. Honestly hell no no no!!!!if y'all pay for this and for that price u need shot.. seriously..u have so many different and better cultivators n cheaper or same price..I e learned with this company,it's always beautiful n the information yet it's all a lie..I always get NOTHING even wake n bake..tf..nvr ever again I'm loyal ASF check my chore list baby..I shld be their mascot.. KLUTCH....HANDS down the best doesn't matter which strainb u pick it's a winner just some better then others but better then everyone else..then u have buckeye relief as runner up..don't waste UR HARD earned money n remb what u have to go through to get that money n sit n order online then drive to the place sit n wait to be called to wait..remb..I care.. obviously psh..but do as y'all want...a friend

  27. Don't let it fool you!! Galenas has never failed me. Wait till you get a chance for Lambus Dough or dual OG.... I lack words except wow!!! I've been smoking almost 40 years, and have to say they doing a fine job!!!!

  28. Ur a DAMN FOOL CUZ seriously and now ur pushing it for them..do u SEE THE PRICE..do YOU SEE THE PRODUCT...ur stupid or ur fucking with ppl...don't be fooled follow ur gut instinct SERIOUSLY..its ur money remb what u had to do to earn that shit n ur DAYS are priceless...stand for urself..this fool isn't a real connoisseur

  29. Sorry but I think 💬🤔 it looks like SHIT,I've had "the white" astral destiny "all beautiful yet nothing even as a wake n bake NOTHING ..MUST BE klutch or buckeye relief

  30. Ocl. Is the over priced ones..could be the dispensary or even a misprint..now it's about the terps n u as a person but quality is100% everytime all the time Ocl is like scientific firelands all stem..if not klutch then my runner up n that's buckeye relief I'm done after that..no point n wasting ur mine is well if u c a Josh D don't touch it..it's always always trash..........jk jk jk 😂 naw BEST hands down..just don't want u to buy it..I want it..all his stuff..he is the herb god..well when I pay top price n I get dime size nuggets n over 6jars...just nit picking

  31. More pretty then anything else tons of suger but one of their weakest which is better then most..now heat locker is a real good one also n big head is it's baby..but I'm starting to come round to Mac 1 for it's got probably the best cerebral effect wow .mind goes woof in a positive way.. Woodward until u give me terp numb I refuse..it's klutch or klutch hey btw dispensary clerks..smh worthless truly ignorant especially in Chillicothe Ohio..it's not what u want to sell I mean u can n watch what happens but if whr me I'd sell what's making me money n flying and doesn't matter if I'm not making huge profit as long as I am..stop bn cheap n get some bulk n some name brand stuff..ppl r finally getting hip..I'd rather have a halfie on discount day for155.20$rax n all klutch any strand then a whole of anything from anyone n btw Ocl suxz n way over priced like most...

  32. I still love certified, right now my stash is about a ounce of various certified strains. It ranges from average to very good to phenomenal. Last couple of days I’ve been hyping their Gasolina… this drop is outrageous, 10/10 super dank.

  33. U forgot Farkas... they're always 🔥 straight RAW..only thing is they only have 2.88..nvr found a 5.66+..want a half...even Woodward just5.66and fuck yes way way over priced but damn when it's a win yet onky in looks and ur gelens is beautiful but I've felt absolutely NOTHING from their line up and in talking wake n bake nothing from astral destiny psh then the white was beautiful but nothing wouldn't even burn really

  34. Compared to klutch or buckeye relief???I'm waiting?? equal if not don't have me wasting time

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