1. Misashi would still Alice him up even if he’s dead most likely. Plus, he used to cut dead bodies for practice al the time back in the day.

  2. Musashi is by then really crazy, mostly likely would would cut him at least once if we’re talking about death at the like second type death.

  3. Well if we want to go off the actual timeline, he’s just had it around fro 1 year because that’s 17 year old baki in the first image. I don’t know if that’s just a recreation but if it’s not then that’s 18 year old Baki.

  4. The only time Baki resembled yuujiro was in the father son quarrel ark;fittingly. Jack has always looked kind of odd and not like yuujiro up until late son of ogre-Baki dou. That’s when jack started to look more like yuujiro. So I guess Baki dou 2018 is his time to shine.

  5. But for real, the one jar guy is a true specimen. After recording that video, he simply went to work like what just happened was nothing.

  6. That is a tough question to answer🧐 I’d say he has legendarily unknown durability, so I’d put him in {(?)Tier}. So he would be up there with yuichiro, door man, kyriakos grizzly, giga chad, and Mickey Mouse.

  7. I just finished about a month of editing and recording podcasts on Dorian and realized I'm going to miss the guy so I made this musical sendoff to the main character of Season 1 of Baki.

  8. Tokyo Revenge Arc but the inmates aren’t completely outmatched or outdone by plot convenience. No offense to hanayama but he should have lost.

  9. I will always consider The father and son quarrel arc to have the definitive art style for Baki.

  10. Baki dropped out of highschool and is now homeless and living in the street. The next baki arc is about Baki trying to pick his life back together and getting a steady job and house

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