1. I keep hearing that but I find it a bit hard to believe. Are there any good pictures that give a sense of scale for the thuds?

  2. I have always felt like mpf and finance could be cut at least 50% if the Air Force would just invest in an automated system and just have people manage it.

  3. Gotta make up for 1/8th of the Air Force budget being eliminated somehow.

  4. Shit looks like Sci fi star fighter. You know it’ll be code 3 every other sortie

  5. I was cross shopping this a few years ago, specifically comparing it to the WRX and Veloster N. I never drove this car. But the lack of a manual was so disappointing when the WRX offered a manual + AWD, and while the Mazda was probably more refined, professional, and luxurious, from what I heard the driving experience was just not as sporty as I would’ve liked.

  6. Someone should wire a generator to Colonel John Boyd’s grave. Ought to be good for at least 1.21 gigawatts

  7. Yep. But the only mission capable ones are in Top Gun Maverick. And so it will be until the Russian sanctions are lifted

  8. Marines inspect subordinates’ privately owned vehicles before they go on leave

  9. A sad day when the GTI is dead but 300 identical shitty SUVs see record sales.

  10. I wanna know more about this picture so I can talk about it. I've heard of this, and seen some footage in a documentary about Egypt too. I think this is important, especially with the rise of the christian alt-right in the US right now. I think it is important to understand what happens when the people let religious fanatics take over their country, and that it can happen again.

  11. Kia calling this a “thermal event” is like if I shit my pants and called it a “solids event”

  12. Sad day. Probably one of the worst planes to lose engines in. RIP

  13. If I were India I’d just buy the F-35B to replace their decrepit MiG-29Ks.

  14. They will have to basically give up Strategic independence that they've pursued for last few decades which has been extremely beneficial for them.

  15. Yup. Right now the US MICC is a better road to Fifth Generation then the alternative…

  16. Bold move Cotton IRGC. Let’s see if challenging the worlds largest military industrial ecosystem pays off!

  17. Nice sign. Will “the Lofts” compensate Amazon workers for navigating their huge ass building and hauling packages to the door of Room 1234?

  18. NASA committed to working with Von Braun in the spirit of peace and burying the past.

  19. NASA committed to working with Von Braun because he was a rocket expert. They just took care to not ask too many questions about

  20. But yet we don't ban Facebook or Instagram. Both of which build complete profiles of you and have leaked substantial amounts of data or outright just let your data go (Cambridge Analytica). Security experts generally aren't calling for the banning of these platforms so I wonder why they more skeptical of Tiktok. What is China going to learn from Tiktok anyway? Our favorite dances and recipes?

  21. When I was a kid, I watched the Will Smith movie “Enemy of the State”. The idea of a national surveillance system that could fuck your life up royally at the push of a button was literally preposterous enough to be Hollywood material.

  22. Those days are long gone. They have all the money and power. We are fucked. And sadly enough, apparently most Americans enjoy being fucked, because we lap up everything they feed us to keep us mad at one another.

  23. First, most of the US aircraft in DCS are obsolete in terms of systems and tactical capabilities . Airplanes are more like computers then is realized; much like a gaming PC made seven years ago can’t touch an equivalent model made new today (or upgraded to modern spec), a modern Strike Eagle , Viper or Super Hornet in terms of capability may as well be a different airframe entirely vs the kit we can buy in DCS.

  24. Had a job once where I needed to check ID to run a sale. Clients last name was Assman. It’s pronounced “Ozz-men” : and yes I asked before trying to pronounce it. He had a good sense of humor about it. I advised him no matter how bad the economy gets to never join the Marines.

  25. At the end of that episode I crawled into my boyfriends lap and cried for ages. Best bit of telly I’ve seen in a long time, absolutely amazing writing and performances.

  26. When I watched Chernobyl (written and directed by the same creative team) I figured that was peak TV. I was dead wrong.

  27. I think nobody is talking about Joel and Tess being together for at least 13 years. That was huge revelation for me. Makes Joel’s loss that much bigger.

  28. I'm not even sure if the PLAAF still uses the B variant anymore. Eitherway that thing does need a radar buff and some all aspect PL-5Es would be nice, of course with a bump to 11.3 or even 11.7.

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