1. Ferris shawarma in Lakewood! Get the chicken shawarma platter and I promise it will change your life!

  2. what's different about it from the shawarma you get in Lebanon?

  3. I have not been to Lebanon so I can’t give you an answer honestly. But as far as I’ve had it’s incredible.

  4. There's no rules to fashion. Except no nike and Adidas combos.

  5. Klutch is the best in my opinion, just tried the fireland salty watermelon and it’s good but still prefer klutch

  6. I mean in their defense I paid $88 for a half. So for 180 a zip this is absolutely not awful. And I’ve got some pretty good buds from them in the past (not smalls)

  7. This is what you can get in bfe Monroe, MI for $89 an oz or two for $170 otd. I get the convenience… I really do, but this is still a slap in the face to us as medical patients

  8. Oh yea if we are talking prices in other states then yes this is ridiculous, but for Ohio it’s not a bad deal!

  9. Ive had really good experiences with hell on wheels. Good taste with a heavy high. Only issue I’ve had is the dryness of the bud. But that obviously can change from batch to batch

  10. How dry are the buds? Everything I’ve got from them turns to dust when you touch it

  11. They are pretty dry despite having a Bodega pack in it. After a few more sessions I finally zoned in on the taste, dry grass mixed with hay. Not happy with this buy.

  12. Sorry to hear that, but yea I’m in the same boat they get no more money from me. I’ll pay the higher price for klutch or Woodward or Galenas

  13. Absolutely obsessed with the klutch orange 43! Absolutely my favorite pod

  14. I’ve had great luck with the hon pods (klutch still my favorite . As for flower my favorite are klutch Woodward and galenas.

  15. I’m looking for a stand for my s&b plenty vaporizer. Do you do custom orders?!

  16. Looks beautiful! Huge fan of Galenas but yet to try the ghee butter! How’s the taste/smell? Currently smoking second breakfast great taste but honestly not the biggest fan of the smell legit has a maple smell on the back end.

  17. Been thinking about trying this but its pricey, keep hearing good things though

  18. Yea I agree the price is ridiculous, but after months of buy cheap options like chizzle that end up being so dry it turns to dust, I’ve just committed to buying good stuff from here on out even if I gotta smoke a little less. Galenas, klutch, and Woodward have been my favorites.

  19. 21% I’ve had better luck with willies in the past. The buds here were great but the high was so dull 🤷‍♂️

  20. Just picked up some klutch ice cream cake, about 30 more min of work before I can go enjoy 😋

  21. This is by far the best tasting vape I’ve tried in the program, potent as well!

  22. I really enjoyed the high but the taste just gave me “grandmas bathroom popery” vibes 🤷‍♂️

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